Excessive use of eyes leads to myopia

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"National Health Visual Report" study estimates that in 2012 China's total population over the age of 5, myopia and hyperopia of the number of patients about 500 million, of which the total number of myopia in the 450 million or so. Among them, the total population with high myopia up to 30 million. High school students and college students the incidence of myopia are more than 70%, and increased year by year, the incidence of juvenile myopia has been ranked first in the world. If there is no effective policy intervention, by 2020, China's population over the age of 5 myopia prevalence rate will grow to about 51%, the population will reach 700 million.

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A question worth exploring is that the incidence of myopia in children advocating "learning" the highest in the East Asian population. Ian Morgan, Australian National University In a study published in the medical journal "Lancet" in 2012, 96% of young people in Korea (20 years of age) suffer from myopia, ranking first in China's Taiwan region The ratio is 85%, Singapore is 82%.

Xu Xun stressed that the East Asian population of high incidence of myopia, not out of genetic, one example is that in the last century 60's, only 20% of Chinese people suffering from myopia.

Xu Xun team study found that Chinese adolescents in the second and third grade after admission rate of myopia surge, to the third and fourth grade, about half of the children developed into myopia.

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