Pandora has to address this functionality problem

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Pandora's new logo uses just one P, whereas PayPal's utilizes two. But from there on out, pandora charms soldes the similarities are hard to dispute. Overall, it looks like Pandora simply took the rear P of PayPal's logo and straightened it. The font style, lack of a hole in the P and even the coloring are alike. You can compare for yourself in the photo above--Paypal's logo is on the left, and Pandora's is on the right. It's one of the most basic rules of business: Choose a logo that represents you and only you. After all, logos are supposed to be an identifier for your brand. But apparently, it's a lesson that Pandora hasn't quite learned yet. As Nicole Gallucci of Mashable reports, PayPal is suing the music streaming company for trademark infringement, claiming that Pandora's 2016 logo redesign is too similar to its own.

In recent years, pandora charms pas cher Pandora has been having a seriously rough time financially, losing 75 percent of its market value since 2014. Now, because the logos look so alike, some users are questioning whether PayPal has acquired Pandora. That blurred line between the two companies has led PayPal to assert that, with "no obvious path to profitability," Pandora copied PayPal's logo in a desperate effort to latch onto PayPal's success. That's not an accusation any investor wants to hear. To make the situation worse, Pandora will have to spend only more money defending itself in court. Then there's the issue of creativity. Even if the court decides that Pandora did not willingly infringe on PayPal's trademark, users still likely will acknowledge the similarities and wonder why Pandora didn't try to think more outside the box.

They might lose trust in Pandora's ability to innovate ethically as a unique entity and, as a result, bijoux pandora pas cher stop using the business' service. Investors might have the same question, which subsequently could lead to further loss of financial support. Let's assume for just a second that customers and investors give Pandora the benefit of the doubt and maintain faith in the business. That still doesn't address a functional problem the logo similarities are causing: People reportedly are so confused by the way the logos look that they're swapping them out, selecting one logo when they want the other. That directly hampers the ability of individuals to access and use either company's services, which is precisely one of the complaints PayPal makes--with more than 110 pages of supporting examples of consumer confusion--in the complete infringement lawsuit.

Pandora has to address this functionality problem regardless of the ruling, meaning that they essentially are right back where they started--needing a new logo. bijoux pandora soldes Think first about your vision. A good logo certainly can use the letters or entirety of your business name (Coca-Cola comes to mind), but generally, the priority should be on what you aim to do or achieve. It's about your story and connecting to your audience. Amazon, for example, uses a simple arrow under its name to indicate that its inventory covers everything from A to Z, reflecting the company's vision to let people "come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online." Similarly, Starbucks chose the siren as part of their logo as a way to capture the seafaring history of coffee and inspire people to explore.

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