Digging ear spoon in China is a common object

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Digging ear spoon in China is a common object, no one does not know. This is a special tool for digging and digging anger. Street, still have to sell.

Digging the shape of the spoon is very simple, slender handle, handle one end of a tsp. "Spoon, pouring also. Elephant. In real, with the package agreed, where the spoon are from the spoon." ("Text") its texture has bamboo, ivory, corners, jade, iron, copper, silver, gold, small and exquisite, can be inserted into the ear hole dig dig.100% brand new and high-quality made.Extract ear wax with ease using the smart swab,Removal Swab,Soft, spiraled, and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab.Simply place cheap smart swab in your ear, twist and remove ear wax…it’s that easy!Typical cotton swabs can go too far… Smart Swabs soft spiral grooved tip is designed to extract wax with a simple twist.

According to the archaeological inference, not later than the Shang Dynasty. In the ruins of the Yin Ruins unearthed in a large number of cultural relics, there are two jade digging ear spoon, ear spoon carved into fish-shaped, mouth, eyes, back, chest, tail, clear decoration, very fine. The good woman is Yin Wang Wu Ding's Princess, Zeng Bingyu commander conquered the Western generals, and, or China is known as the earliest female striker.

Gold digging ear spoon, was found in an ancient tomb in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. The owner of the tomb called Gao Rong, when the Three Kingdoms of the Soochow, should be from the prominent huan family. Buried gold ear spoon, weight 9 grams, 24 cm long (ordinary dig ear spoon 10 cm or so), from which can be seen his identity special.

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RE: Digging ear spoon in China is a common object

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