Four reasons precipitate glaucoma

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1, anatomic factors: shallow anterior chamber depth, short short eye axis, lens thickness and corneal diameter, resulting in anterior chamber angle narrow, water obstacles, increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma form.careprost is created to increase eyelash size, it has same ingredients as FDA approved Latisse eyelash growth serum, therefore careprost is also named Generic Latisse.Besides,careprost eyelash reviews is much cheaper than Latisse, it is your alternative choice if you want to try latisse but stop at its high price, just choose cheaper version of latisse--careprost.

2, age, sex: open-angle multiple at around 30 years old, no significant gender differences. Patients with primary angle-closure glaucoma patients with over 45 years of 68.2%-76.8%, more women than men.

3, genetic factors: glaucoma is a Polygenic disease, family history and incidence of 6 times higher than those without a family history, the total number of 13%-47%, with relative incidence is 3.5%-16%.

4, refraction factor: refractive errors in patients with (myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia) incidence, near 1/3 with or develop as open-angle glaucoma, hyperopia with angle-closure glaucoma.

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RE: Four reasons precipitate glaucoma

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