Four characteristics of acute glaucoma

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1. Liver-stagnation: zhengjian head pain, vision, and black eyes blushing as breath, eyeground, and view lights there was a rainbow Halo, ocular hypertension, systemic symptoms limited ambition isn't easy, chest tightness, heat, food less anorexia, vomiting, nausea, pain, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, pulse string.

2. Water and moisture-resistance: zhengjian eye swelling, Rainbow vision, blurred vision, a shallow anterior chamber intraocular pressure higher, often accompanied with headache, greasy tongue coating, soft and rolling pulse.careprost lash growth
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3. Phlegm-fire disturbing mind: zhengjian blinding headache, high intraocular pressure, upset and goes flying, food less phlegm, chest tightness, nausea, pain, red tongue, yellow greasy Moss, pulse string slide or slide number.

4. Type of deficiency of both heart and spleen: zhengjian go rather stressed laojuan eye disease increase, dizziness eye bulging, eyeground is slightly larger, depending on the evening, and Rainbow view, insomnia, tinnitus, five upset hot, dry mouth, dry throat, deep-red tongue little Moss, pulse breakdown.

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RE: Four characteristics of acute glaucoma

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