Three steps on the false eyelashes

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Step 1: the first thing to look at his eyes, then prepared according to your eye shape of false eyelashes in front of and behind each part cut off, then you need to confirm the location of eye, false eyelashes, cut to desired length. If you fake eyelashes too long, then post it would look unnatural, can constantly pruning can finally achieve the best false eyelashes for effect.

Step 2: next, it's the quality of the special glue on false eyelashes, glue dosage it is best not to be too much. Wait until the adhesive faster dry time and then prepared false lashes bend a bent, making it become more flexible.For people who are tired of mascara or fakelashes.Eyelash serum should be an best alternative product.such as careprost.This product has the same active ingredients,bimatoprost 0.03% to extend eyelash growthphase to lengthen eyelash.Just take 4-8 weeks, you will regrow lush eyelash asyou want.careprost eyelash reviews is also good than same product.

Step 3: paste false eyelashes when trying to cling to the roots of the eyelashes, and posted the result will look more natural.  Post also use the swab or hand for about 10 seconds or so, so you can hold the false eyelashes, or you can completely let false eyelashes blend together. PS: paste false eyelashes when starting from the middle of the eye position stick, and then the eye with eye position.

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RE: Three steps on the false eyelashes

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