Three exams about hearing loss

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With age, many middle-aged friends gradually found that the ear is not so good. To deal with hearing loss, the sooner the better the intervention. Because the hearing will give the patient's life to bring a lot of inconvenience, so once found hearing loss, we must go to the hospital in time to check. What about the hearing drop? The next will be detailed for everyone, in addition, at the same time for everyone to introduce the daily life of the hearing method, for your reference.

Check one, interrogation, external ear examination
First of all, ENT doctors will first ask the patient what discomfort, whether there are tinnitus, ear nausea, dizziness, hearing loss and other deafness symptoms. Patients need to inform the doctor in detail when the symptoms began to appear, what drugs have been used to treat. Through a simple inquiry, the doctor will have a general understanding of the course, and then ENT doctors will wear a forehead for patients with external ear examination. The purpose of the external ear examination is to check whether the external auditory canal is blocked, injury, bacterial infection. As the external auditory canal is not a straight line, but slightly S-shaped bending. So the need to check the external auditory canal ear and tragus, so that the external auditory canal straight, in order to see the deep external auditory canal and tympanic membrane.

Check the second, pure tone audiometry
Pure tone audiometry is a test of auditory sensitivity, standardized subjective behavioral response audiometry. The purpose of the test is to understand the extent and nature of hearing and the extent and nature of hearing loss and to be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. This is done by a professional audiologist. The subject will enter a test with good sound insulation before the test begins, wear a good test headset, hold a button, and hear the sound in the test to click to hear. The subject will be able to measure the hearing threshold in different audio (can hear the smallest sound of the decibel reading), draw a pure tone audiometry. Normal sound tone audiometry should be sound in the band are 0-25 dB in the fluctuations, if a sudden drop in an audio to prove that at this frequency of hearing difficulties in the subjects.100% brand new and high-quality made.Extract ear wax with ease using the smart swab,Removal Swab,Soft, spiraled, and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab.Simply place cheap smart swab in your ear, twist and remove ear wax…it’s that easy!Typical cotton swabs can go too far… Smart Swabs soft spiral grooved tip is designed to extract wax with a simple twist.

Check three, tuning fork experiment
Tuning fork is one of the essential magic of ENT doctors, was "Y" shaped steel or aluminum sounder, percussion will be issued "buzzing" whispered sound. Tuning fork is for the nervous system on the vibration of the induction test, can test bone conduction and gas conduction of the left and right ear difference. Bone conduction refers to the sound through the bone conduction to the inner ear to stimulate the auditory nerve to the brain to produce hearing, gas conduction is the sound in the air in the form of sound waves to produce the hearing. Before the test to ensure that the clinic quiet, hit the tuning fork after the left side of the subject placed, and then the same steps and distance placed in the right ear, if the subjects ears have obvious strong or weak points or feeling The length of time is different, it proves that the patient's air conduction is obstructed, there may be lesions. Once again hit the tuning fork, and then placed on the forehead of the subjects, asked the two ears of the sound difference, check whether there is abnormal bone conductio

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RE: Three exams about hearing loss

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