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Chapman Cleared To Throw Batting Practice - RealGM Wiretap
Aroldis Chapman has been cleared to throw batting practice for the first time since he was hit in the face by a line drive during an exhibition game on March 10.

"Our concern initially was anything that might come up and bounce and hit him in the face uggs bailey button bling sale , and if he would be at a higher risk for further injury, and he's been given the clearance on that," Bryan Price said. "So he's a full-go in that regard."

The Cincinnati Reds are hoping to have their closer by next month.

Yankees Bring Back Chien Ming Wang - RealGM Wiretap

The Yankees have signed Chien-Ming Wang to a minor league contract.

He will report right away to the minor league complex.

Wang was originally signed by the Yankees in 2000. He went 55-26 with them during five seasons.

Saban Uses Mariano Rivera To Motivate Alabama - RealGM Wiretap

Nick Saban used a video of Mariano Rivera to help motivate the Alabama football team prior to Monday night's BCS title game against Notre Dame.

"We just watched a video of Mariano Rivera, and he talked about when he struggled at some time in his career because he was trying to be a perfectionist," Saban said.

"And that when he's in the bullpen uggs bailey button bling zwart , he sees the crowd, he hears the crowd ... but when he runs out and they hand him the ball, he's got one focus; he's not worried about the crowd, he's not worried about any of the external factors. One focus: Three outs. 'How am I going to get three outs?' I think a team's ability to do that, to stay focused on the things that are going to affect the outcome of the game uggs bailey button goedkoop , are critical in games like this."

Giants Sandoval Wont Be Arrested - RealGM Wiretap Investigators say there is not enough evidence to arrest Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval for an alleged sexual assault at a hotel near Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz County Sherriff's Office completed its investigation Thursday and forwarded the case to the district attorney's office. No charges are expected. 锘? If there s one thing that bugs me about the copywriting market is the lack of a standard measurement that copywriters need to meet in order to call themselves copywriters. Maybe it s the scientific part of me that says you should be able to measure just about anything. Or maybe it s just the onslaught of new copywriters I ve seen online who I honestly don t think deserve that title. Think about any other profession, even real estate, you need to take license exams or complete some course that allows you to attach a title to your name. But for copywriting, you can take that name at will. Now I m not going to pretend as though I have no self interest in requiring this benchmark. I want the industry to recognize some standard and so customers can cut through the confusion and know the quality of a copywriter they are working with. But more so, I see the industry being watered down by title bearers without much qualification uggs classic tall dames sale , if any at all. Now my suggested requirement may go against the very spirit of entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs think that formal education or any ?false standard should not define your success. In fact, most business people will boast of their accomplishments without having attended college. But this is not just about education although it is. I would even go as far as suggesting a core set of books that copywriters should at least read before they carry a member card. Now for sure, different copywriters would want to include different books, but so do different schools for the same course and sometimes the same educational institution for the same course. Okay, so along with the basic course requirement how would I measure a copywriter? I ve seen many different elements suggested and so I ll like to investigate each one at a time and then suggest the benchmark I would use. 1. Conversion rates. Some would suggest that a copywriter should be measured by the conversion rate of the sales letters he or she writes. The only problem here is that I ve seen some high conversion rates achieved by sloppy sales letters all because of the market these letters targeted. For example uggs laarzen lang kopen , markets that generally take advantage of the natural lust of the human heart normally do very well. This (for me) would include dating, gambling, pornography, sex, ?get rich quick schemes and items that border on the illegal. If a copywriter does well at selling a drug addict cocaine uggs classic short dames sale , that s nothing to cheer about. 2. Writing for famous clients. Many copywriters present as proof for their superior skills the fact that they have written for famous gurus. While I cannot blame them for flying these flags, many times these letters are used as a first draft and even chosen because of the low fees. That s right. Top gurus often go the low fee route and then adjust the copy themselves. So copywriting clientele is no proof either. 3. Top Trainer or Coach. If a copywriter was taught by a famous coach then it could be assumed that this would recommend them to be gifted by association. Who wouldn t want to be taught golf by Tiger Woods? But again having an excellent teacher doesn t make you an excellent student. 4. Length of time STUDYING copywriting. In this business of writing if you simply study about writing without actually practicing, then you ll remain a novice. You have to be in the trenches fighting the battle with many scars to prove your involvement and results to show for it. I ll prefer a gauge of the number of pages of copy written than the total length of time studying copywriting. 5. Amount of money earned. Million dollar Producer , My Copy Sold Billions these are the usual advertising blurbs we see advertising copywriting services. Now I don t personally have anything against making a lot of money, but this is often a gauge of one s business skills and the market you write for rather than your raw abilities. In ot.

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