Toilet paper is the main reason for blocking the toilet

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Hand paper must be into the basket, hair out of the hair have to clean up, do not throw into the toilet, the toilet basically do not throw debris

1, the toilet has a basket for the collection of female hygiene supplies waste;The sani sticks deodorizer are drain sticks that eliminate embarrassing odors from drains and prevents clogged sinks.To use them, simply place the thin, round and only 6.3 inch long stick inside the drain and that’s it.Don’t worry, there’s no toxic chemicals so you’re drains will be perfectly safe.The sani sticks online last for a month and helps you get rid of those embarrassing smells while eliminating nasty water buildups.

2, toilet paper washed away directly. Toilet paper quality, sewer design, can withstand this operation;

3, the hair is cleaned by a vacuum cleaner and then poured into a garbage bag.

It seems that the bathroom can bid farewell to ugly and account for the local and unskilled wastebasket, and your toilet paper with a toilet can "digest" the kind of water on the soft texture of a great relationship.

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