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Some eyelash not perfect friends, need to use beauty makeup tools to modify eyelash, such as false eyelashes.The use of false eyelash is a trick, to master its basic usage, you can get very lifelike eyelash effect.After all, how should the false eyelash stick?The article introduces the specific methods.

A: liquid eyeliner fusion false eyelash
When some people after post false eyelash, may appear false eyelash with white adhesive glue, this time we need to use liquid eyeliner to cover these areas, make eyelash look more natural, more latisse for eyelashes growth facilitates a quarter longer in length and twice as deep according to trials directed and controlled on the eyelashes.If it is applied every night to the base of the hair, the drug made the lashes eighteen percent darker.Buy Lumigan at discounted prices on the web site.And the best part is that you do not need a prescription.This efficient product is usually more expensive but if you buy it online you can get it at the latisse price.

2: eye shadow
In this step.Girls don't know if finished, also need to follow-up work!This can guarantee the eyelash more perfect, choose black eye shadow to cover less natural place.
Is after the above steps, use dark eye shadow to shading, so can make false eyelashes look more relevant, make makeup look more natural.
The above is the specific usage of false eyelash.The correct use of the beauty makeup, then practice on false eyelash, so you can make your eyelash more lifelike.Make thick long lashes, it is the focus of your eye makeup.Only mould perfect eyelash can the eye makeup more give prize.

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