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锘? Guidelines for Commissioning A Piece of Jewellery

There's a special occasion in the offing Joel Ward Sharks Jersey , a birthday, an anniversary, a new baby, an engagement Joe Thornton Sharks Jersey , First Communion, Valentines Day, Christmas the list is almost endless! You think that it would be lovely to give a really special personal gift, something totally unique but that would be really expensive wouldn't it? Well Joe Pavelski Sharks Jersey , probably not as expensive as you think. Using silver or semi precious beads a realistic budget could start as low as 30, for example a simple birthstone bracelet, a pair of anniversary earrings or a birthstone ring would all be in that sort of region. For heavier silver items that need hallmarking (large pendants, upper arm bracelets David Schlemko Sharks Jersey , heavy necklaces) you may be looking at nearer the 100 mark but certainly something made just for you or a loved one won't break the bank.

Where do I start?

Firstly do some internet searches for jewellery designers working in your locality or country (these days thanks to the internet many design commissions can be done completely by e-mail). Have a look at their designs do you like their work?

See what they say about commissions, how do they normally do their design work? Check out the prices for items on their website or in their gallery. Most designers will charge a little extra on top of their normal prices because of the extra work involved in making a commission, as a rough guide an extra 20-30% is reasonable because of the one to one, bespoke service you are getting.

Draw up a list of two or three designers whose work you like

Contact them and give them a rough idea of the sort of itemoccasion you want to have your special jewellery made for. Designers are used to both people who know exactly what they want and those who only have a very vague idea Chris Tierney Sharks Jersey , so don't worry if you need guidance. Most designers love talking to clients and helping them create something really special. At this point you will probably have a gut feeling as to the designer you would most like to use and you can ask them for a "ball park" figure for the type of design you want. You will also need to give the designer some idea about time frame for delivery. We can all work fast if we have to (last week I took a pair of anniversary earrings from design to delivery between Friday and Tuesday of the next week and that included ordering some special stock in!) but it's better for all concerned to have a bit more time. Please also keep in mind that most jewellery designers busiest period is just before Christmas and they will probably have multiple custom orders to juggle, so give them a minimum of six weeks notice at this time of year. Sometimes it will just not be possible to make something in the time frame given and the designer will tell you if that is the case.

Get a design and proper quote

Most designers will have several ideas to show you and will be able to roughly cost the work for you at this stage. Once you have decided on your final design you will be given a proper costing. Don't forget to add in P&P to that if you aren't collecting it (commissioned jewellery will need to be sent Special Delivery roughly 5 in the UK). Designers will vary as to whether they charge a deposit at this stage or not. In the case of very expensive items that they need to buy in like diamondsgold they will probably be more likely to ask for a big deposit. I personally tend not to ask for a deposit because I want the person to be happy with what I have made for them before they pay anything, I also tend to think if it is a good piece of jewellery (which it hopefully is!) it would be saleable to someone else anyway. The only occasion where I might ask for a deposit is if the item I am being asked for is the sort of thing that I wouldn't normally sell! (Use your own imagination here!).

Sit back and wait

The designer should keep you informed about how the creative process is progressing, this includes things like unforeseen supply problems etc that might affect the expected finishing date. Sometimes Brent Burns Sharks Jersey , for example, items sent for hallmarking can take longer than expected (a couple of weeks is not unknown!).

Once your item is finished they will either make and appointment to show you the final item or e-mail you a photograph of it. When you are happy with the item the designer will expect full payment before delivery.

One final thing!

Do let the designer know if you have any problems with your item. If you are happy with it and get lots of compliments let them know that too! When you make something you do get an emotional attachment to it and it's good to know it's loved and admired!
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