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Perusing comments on the dodgers nation facebook page My manifestation of every facebook comment that dodger related,This FO is so banging stupid, What a bunch of nerds who don get how the game has become played. I bet Friedman spent his graduation and college years with his head in a book instead of actually out there on the field,1, All we should instead do is sign price Mookie Betts Jersey, Greinke, On top of that cueto, Then trade puig who sux nonetheless for Stanton or McCutch, And then flip Crawford and Andre pertaining to like Trout or Cespedes. If I can sit here and create this shit in five minutes, You consider our"Expected brilliant" GM Andrew Friedman can. Banging trainwreck this team is. We also have to improve our bullpen because it literally the worst in baseball, Especially when it came to the crunch in the post season,It more or less coaching in that way then. How it really didn deliver.Two arms finding its way back might help our"Pitching hassles, Depending on Frias for some games wasn easy. A turn with Kershaw, Grienke, Ryu, McCarthy, And a free agent would look acceptable for me at least. I just don want to spend $100M on a pitcher since I think all of the number of choices save Grienke look like they either can win in the postseason(Price and wishing the Giants sign him hence alone) Or are only growing older with the money and I can see them with us anyways despite what experts say. Sometimes they don even know the gamers. To perhaps it pains me, My own cousin calls him self a Yankee fan, But he can name perhaps the 25 player roster. Astonishingly, Somehow I blew his mind this year when I told him it has an AL and an NL. How he didn know this specific, I don't know.However, I feel these casuals are a minority, And quite a few Yankee fans, Like the majority of sports fans, Are true great fans. Many fans are likewise"The big apple fans" And they.Sorry to say, I feel that most of Yankee fans do not hate the Mets, However, many Mets fans despise the Yankees. Which are more part, It sounds like a one way rivalry. In truth, From the NLDS all the way up around the world Series, I had many Yankee friends members who rooted for the Mets the whole way.In my view, While I wouldn say i don't really like any team, I root for and love 2 teams in football(Take a guess which companies duh), Like a couple others gently, In support of really dislike one: One particular Mets.Inside playoffs, I categorically noticed more Mets gear out. Not sure if these were the hardcore Mets fans appearing out of the woodwork, Or the bandwagoners who switch from NY team to NY team influenced by who winning. Doubtless a mix. As providing Dodgers fan, This became quite annoying, As all I heard in playoffs was"WE tackle KERSHAW AND GREINKE, As well as,WHAT filthy SLIDE,It okay truth, We get batch that we get! :)Moreover, Increasingly being a sidenote, Personally, i love following two teams. The Yanks and Dodgers rarely play various other, And as soon as do, It rare enough i always won care who wins.The issue I have here is that when many people figure out that I both a Yankees and Dodgers fan, Several say"Ohio, Required. Yanks are your REAL team, Most suitable? You go through Dodgers as a side team, When that merely isn true. The Yanks are my AL staff members, As well as the Dodgers are my NL team. I love both of them equally. A Yanks Dodgers World Series this would definately be amazing for me, Because anyone who wins is my team. I googled this and saw that Dodgers Stadium was one of the only ones that normally at. I can discover why people would do this when it disrupts the game, The adapt and the momentum I just don feel like this is one area fans should be doing if they respect the game.I met some discount fans before, But I also of the opinion that LA fans are many of the most fickle fans on the planet because everyone here feels entitled to a win, As if it something we ought, Whatever sport it is. So when those anticipations aren met, We turn our backs just as soon as we were chanting. I Korean usa, And I can also say for a fact that there are Koreans(Not often Korean Americans but 1st or 1.5 style.) Who go to Dodgers games in fact only there for Ryu. They aren really thinking of rooting for the Dodgers but for Ryu; By unchanged token, They really also root for the Pirates and whatever team Shin Soo Choo is on. In saying that though, I was at this year Ranger game and had been plenty of those in support for Choo wearing Rangers gear. I imagine maybe these folks were backing him during his Reds days. I not witnessed people wear Kang garb once except in Korea when I was there this summer(Although Ryu is much much more popular there anyways).But I hate my team fanbase too generally, Hard for me to talk baseball unless I speaking with my friends who happen to be Mariners fans, Leaders fans, Or other groups not named the Dodgers/Angels(I go university in Seattle) And I just stunned at how less fair weather they are compared to LA which has a much classical sports history(Needless expenses). Back inside your home, Fandom is certainly more Dodgers, But a lot threaten to switch to the Angels as I seen both during games or if you watch with fellow Dodger fans, Kinda dampers my hope with them. I just sat and watch my team your whole time This is why many folks are split over Lakers and Clippers now, Having quite a few team gives you an option to switch for"Help of LA, I expect stupid, Seeing I been Dodgers and Clippers my expereince of living(File suit me, I been a fan before Griffin and cannot stand Clipper fans either and prefer on the phone to Laker fans).Also aren we identically fans that go after Giants fans for no reason? I sure that also a stereotype of us. I probably hate the Giants nearly just like they do, But pursuing them is pretty low. Often, It seems like I just mostly of the that is able to hold a somewhat positive regard of how the Giants do things. Doesn mean I like them whereas, Dodger fans don be familiar with certain cues from my experience. Even though I do have sufficient fellow fans that I really like talking to, It just hard for me to assume I get a good sports dialogue when I ask for one. I guess my problem is more when environments like this occur: When they tell you he is Dodgers fans but can name anyone whose name isn Ryu(I actually met Koreans who say he is fans, Establish Ryu and don have any idea who Kersh is). But I also somebody that never really got into the KP culture and I consider myself American before Korean, Which is terrible to some. I love my legacy of music and Korea history, But in addition there are certain things about Koreans and our culture and character that I can stand, Except I digress.So nothing against former mate back', I just don know if a lot more webmasters consider them fans. Or maybe they are usually fans, But if we a"Fan selection, They be treated very casual?That only the way K Town is, Being as Korean as they can get. Comfortable with it myself. At least they prefer sports(Basically soccer) Over basketball game(Much like myself since following baseball is always hard for me). Or maybe it just the LA mentality as a whole where the same people only know who Kershaw is. Guess it two fold. Like I exclaimed, I don truly know many Dodger fans like myself except for a select few.

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