Before using Lumigan eye drops make sure your doctor

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Lumigan bimatoprost .03% eye drops serves to normalize eye pressure in patients with naturally high eye pressure levels. This is a condition known as ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma patients. A popular off label treatment of Lumigan involves applying it to the eye lashes to increase size and length.

Before using Lumigan eye drops make sure your doctor or pharmacist knows:

If you are pregnant, trying for a baby or breast-feeding.

If you have had surgery on your eye to replace or remove the lens (such as in cataract removal).

If you suffer from eye problems such as eye pain, dry eyes, blurred vision, irritation or inflammation.

If you have severe asthma or your asthma is not lumigan eye drops is a prescription medication used to treat high eye blood pressure present in glaucoma and a condition called ocular hypertension, which can lead to glaucoma if not treated.Lumigan belongs to a group of drugs called prostaglandins.It is thought to work by increasing the amount of fluid that flows out of the eye in order to lower the pressure.The exact way that lumigan online purchase works is not yet completely understood.

If you wear contact lenses or use other eye drops.

If you know you have low blood pressure or a slow pulse.

If you are taking other medicines, including those available to buy without a prescription, herbal or complementary medicines.

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RE: Before using Lumigan eye drops make sure your doctor

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