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You know where I was yesterday afternoon? Disneyland. With my family. The Martins were doing the holidays up. My youngest daughter was about to get on the teacup ride and I was watching her. I wouldíve rode it with her, Nike Air Presto Femme but I canít do the teacups because going in circles makes me dizzy. So Iím watching her spin around and thatís when my phone started blowing up. Itís Twitter. Itís going nuts. I went on Twitter and said what I said. I was upset. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose Then my daughter got off the ride and I shut my phone off and we walked to Space Mountain.
Iíve Nike Air Vapormax Womens been called a lot of things in my career. Thereís certain terminology people use to try to characterize people, especially athletes.
I got called hot-headed a lot. I honestly donít understand that term. I know Nike Air Huarache Womens what it means, but I donít understand the way people use it. Basketball is a game of emotion, and I always played with a lot of it. Maybe more than most other guys, I donít know. I think I just wear my emotions on my sleeve.
Asshole. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Iíve been called an asshole dozens of times Ö maybe hundreds. And, you know what? I accept that. I can accept the asshole label. My whole career, I had the mindset that if you showed me that I could get into your head, why wouldnít I keep doing it? Iíd be a fool not to.
Iíve been called a thug. Whenever Nike Air Max 90 Donne Iíve heard that, I knew that I was doing something right. My game was having an effect on your mind. Nike Air Max 90 Homme So that means I won.
Iíve been called a dirty player. Maybe I was, maybe not. I played hard. The league was getting softer and softer throughout my career, I know that. Some of it was rule changes, but a Adidas Superstar Hommelot of it was that guys didnít want to bang anymore. Basketball canít be played soft. So I guess people can interpret ďdirtyĒ how they want to interpret it. Iíve got my definition.
I wasnít the nicest player during my whole career, Adidas Superstar Homme and I didnít make all the right decisions. I admit that. I bought a lot of jewelry at Nike Air Max Zero Womens like age 23 that I probably didnít need. I talked back more than I shouldíve. I probably went out too much. I got a lot of technicals. I once punched Karl Malone in a game for no real reason. Iím not sorry for most of Nike Air Max 2017 Femme my fights, because I believe in standing up when Iím tested. But I feel bad about that one.

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