Light Up the Night with PANDORA Jewelry's New Winter Collection

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COLUMBIA, Md., Nov. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- PANDORA Jewelry captures the magic of the season in an enchanting new winter collection, with illuminating pieces touched with cosmic elements of the night sky. Pandora UK Christmas Inspired by the deep blue galaxy, the jewelry features beautifully detailed designs bursting with sparkling stones and lustrous pearls. Traditional craftsmanship and daring innovation combine to create a collection of stunning silver jewels filled with the wonder and delight the season brings.

Timeless pearls are a staple for any woman's jewelry box. The new collection features white pearls encased in shimmering stones for a glamorous touch on a traditional gem. Complete the whole look with Pandora Sale Christmas the feminine drop earrings, statement ring and dangle charm, which can also be added to a necklace chain as a pendant.

The night sky is captured in the Cosmic Stars pieces of the new collection. Bursts of light-catching stones are set in a pendent, cocktail and band rings, stud earrings and charms to create a stunning look for any winter occasion. Stack the Cosmic Stars rings to create a dazzling statement piece.

Celestial charms in 14k gold and sterling silver are a stylish addition to a charm bracelet or necklace chain. The new braided leather bracelet in navy blue is the perfect backdrop for the Follow the Stars and the Night Sky openwork charms. The astronomic-themed pieces in this collection will add to the magic of the season.

"We're delighted to introduce our newest pieces that Pandora UK Outlet Store Christmas showcase the seasonal trends of deep blue hues and interstellar designs," said Keshia Holland, Director Public Relations and Online, PANDORA Americas. "Whether her style is classic elegance or stylish chic, this affordable and luxurious collection offers a variety of looks for any woman's personality."

Celebrate your precious moments now and forever by adding to or starting your PANDORA collection. The winter pieces start at $35 in sterling silver. To view the new collection or locate an authorized PANDORA retailer, visit

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RE: Light Up the Night with PANDORA Jewelry's New Winter Collection

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