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    Finally came the day! After Barcelona 6-1 win over Gijon, Enrique announced in the end of the season he will leave Barcelona, in other words, Barcelona "dream four" generation completely put a full stop.
    Enrique did not say break. Previously, he reached an internal agreement with Barcelona that he will announce in March and April his future. In early March, Enrique determined his departure, which also let Barcelona have plenty of time to choose next coach. Enrique's turn this time was a little bit of Guardiola's taste. In 2012, Guardiola's contract will expire, and he also announced in advance to leave Barcelona, Barcelona gave enough time to find a new coach.
    This season, because Barcelona's performance is not satisfactory, resulting Enrique suffered outside criticism and questions. In fact , in the past two seasons, questioning as well as accusations against Enrique never stopped. Enrique is excellent? In vipfifa18's opinion, he is very good.
    Over the past two seasons, in Barcelona's 10 events, Enrique led his unit in order to win eight. Is the championship credit only belong to Messi, just belong to MSN, of course not. Moreover, the 2016-17 season is not over, Enrique additionally hope to expand championship number.
    Many people criticized Enrique that he abandoned the Barcelona tradition. In these questions, Enrique created an item that belongs to his own record. He has the highest winning rate coach in history in Barcelona, successful 125 games in 116 games, succeeding rate was 76%, higher than Guardiola and also Villanova (72%), while Barcelona had simply lost 18 games. There is no doubt that Enrique is one of the most successful coaches in the history of Barcelona.
    When Enrique announced his leaving, some Barcelona fans may smile, "Barcelona's dawn. " In case, Barcelona's next trainer may also be Martino? At that time,you will miss Enrique you scolded?
    "I am very sad, he is Barcelona's most perfect coach. " Guardiola's words spoke out vipfifa18's voice. 18 coins

  • Blog post by ozquii

    Late Oriath Patch Information Arrive Hot From the Press
    The Path connected with Exile site continues to be updated with the recognized patch notes for your Fall of Oriath expansion. The growth will launch upon Friday, August fourth starting at one: 00 pm Pacific cycles / 4: 00 pm Eastern. Gamers can look forward to a lot of new content along with systems upgrades, brand-new skill / assistance gems, new distinctive items and much more.
    Significant New Content in addition to Features:
    Added Works Five through 10.
    Removed the Terrible and Merciless trouble levels. Path with Exile is now just one ten-act playthrough.
    Extra a new Character Choice Screen.
    Added a brand new feature - the particular Pantheon system: Greatest the ancient gods of Wraeclast within battle and you can state a portion of their strength. There are four Key god powers plus seven Minor our god powers to be stated in The Fall for Oriath. You can have 1 Major and one Small power active each time, and can return to any kind of town or hideout to change which forces are active complimentary. Later, each electrical power can be upgraded simply by placing a Divine Boat in your map gadget before you defeat specific map bosses.
    Added in a new feature -- the Help panel: While you play Path about Exile, you can uncover Help panel webpages. These can be viewed by simply clicking on a new Assist button next to typically the Shop button. Every panel is designed to tells you about an aspect of Route of Exile's game play, and give you the resources you need to explore the characteristics yourself.
    Significantly up to date the tutorial. It really is integrated with the completely new Help system.
    The overall game HUD has been current to the Eclipse concept used throughout The Drop of Oriath.
    Put in 8 Vaal Part Areas with innovative bosses, found via areas in Oriath.
    Added a Unaggressive Skill Tree preparing system.
    Introduced new-technology cheap poe items for rendering drinking water throughout the game.

  • Home to the oppressive templar theorcracyDateThu Aug 10, 2017 5:13 am
    Blog post by ozquii

    The Fall of Oriath Release Day Set for September 4th
    Grind Equipment Games has delivered word that the extremely anticipated Path involving Exile expansion, Late Oriath, is scheduled for release upon August 4th. Oriath literally expands the entire world by doubling the size with 6 new acts and also the new Pantheon personality customization system which allows players to continue to advance their characters past the level cap. In a way, folks can actually seize and make use of the powers of the gods.
    Act 5: Nov Oriath: Return to Oriath. Home to the oppressive templar theorcracy. Discover frozen mountaintops, perfect temples and anarchic city streets. Keep a trail connected with furious destruction while you seek vengeance for the exile.
    A Single Playthrough, A Complete Story: The last difficulty level method has been removed to create room for another several brand new acts, getting to the total in order to ten. In these a few acts, you will integration through both brand new and familiar places and witness the actual drastic results of your own past actions.
    State the Power of the Gods: Path of Exile's new pantheon technique provides you with potent forces taken from the gods themselves. But be careful, the gods will not go down without a battle.
    New Ways to Play: Along with dozens of new products, new skills, new spots, new boss arguements and more, Path with Exile: The Fall of Oriath will keep even the the majority of die-hard fans occupied for many months in the future.
    To celebrate the June 4th release day, GGG has sent a brand new trailer absolute to please fans as well as players alike.

  • Previews: E3 2017 - The Fall of Oriath Hands OnDateWed Aug 09, 2017 2:32 am
    Blog post by ozquii

    Path of Exile is a game I’ve had the chance to get quite familiar with over my years writing for MMORPG. I have watched it grow into the impressive and expansive title it is today. But if its latest expansion, The Fall of Oriath is any indicator, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far.
    For starters, Oriath will expand the story of Path of Relégation from five acts into ten. The beginning of chapter six will have players making their pilgrimage back to their own homeland, the titular Oriath. You’ll battle wolves, knights, and other ghastly monsters while making your way more than snow-covered mountains to find your way back via the portal at the top. But once you get there, well, let’s just say things have not been going great for your hometown.
    In order to save what’s left of your city you’re going to have to duke it out with the Gods. Yes, Gods plural. Overall there will be 23 new boss fights to satiate your endless thirst for fight. The deity I got a look at during my hands-on time was encased in a massive statue as well as did not take too kindly to my meddling. If the size of the boss is any indicator, the devs are really going big this time.
    Of course anyone taking out a God should be rewarded with epic loot. And that’s where the game’s new Pantheon system will come into play. When you defeat a God, you’ll get to claim their particular powers as your own and switch between which of those powers you use at will. Each power will give you a very specific defensive buff. What exactly those buffs are though has yet to be seen.
    On top of all the new content, players will get a chance to revisit areas from the first five chapters and see the consequences of the actions they took on the people and also environments they left behind. And in order to accommodate all this new content and your new Pantheon abilities Path of Exile’s current difficulty level system will be heading away with the brand new update.
    And if all of this news wasn’t enough, Path of Exil will be coming ot the Xbox One later this year, still completely free to play along with featuring all the fresh and previous content from the PC version. The hands-on demo I acquired with the new console version looked great and ran smooth as silk. At lot of times when i play action RPG’s like this that have been ported they can feel like they’re lumbering somewhat, but PoE felt quick and responsive during my time with it.
    I did ask the all-important question of whether or not local couch co-op will be an option for the XB1 version... And it looks like it will be not be making the launch but it is something they want to add. As it stands though,buy poe items you in addition to five friends will still be able to get together online and beat down some gods later this year!

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