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  • Blog post by alina17705

    Twitch streamer Niels Christian ‘NaToSaphiX’ Sillassen has revealed an interesting trick, or bug, that players can use to their advantage in CS: GO.

    The semi-professional Danish CS:Buy CSGO Skins, GO player is known best for his Twitch and YouTube content which is predominantly CS: PROCEED focused.

    He is currently playing for LPSP with whom he recently qualified for the Nation Elite Esports Cup after defeating aAa and Red Reserve during the European Qualifier.

    During a recent stream the Dane showed his viewers and interesting radar (or mini-map) technique that can be used to gain an advantage in specific circumstances. While playing a game of Wingman, the 2 vs . 2 competitive game recently added to CS: GO, the opportunity to use the trick arose.

    His teammate Danni ‘smF’ Dyg kills the bomb carrier on the opposing team at the start of the round on Train before being traded as well as leaving him in a 1 vs . 1 situation with the bomb down.

    Rotating to T Main, csgo4skin,NaToSaphiX spots the explosive device on the floor which brings the red blast icon up on the radar for a few seconds.

    This trick allowed NaToSaphiX to know when the bomb had been picked up without having to be out in the open or watching it when it happened.

    He could avoid a 1 on one engagement with the enemy player and simply use his radar to know when the bomb had been taken, giving him the upper hand and a chance to finish off the player from behind.

    Whether this is an intentional aspect of the game or a bug which Valve does not know about is uncertain - but it appears to be unknown to the majority of CS: GO players.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    Unibet is the main sponsor of a CS: GO event in Copenhagen this weekend, the latest example of traditional sportsbooks trying to gain traction in esports betting.

    CS: GO Blast Series + UnibetUnibet is sponsoring the CS: GO Blast Collection,csgo4skin, scheduled to run Nov. 24-25. It pits six of the best CS: GO teams in the world in a two-day occasion:




    Ninjas in Pyjamas



    A prize pool of $250, 000 within up for grabs.

    The matches will be played in the state-of-the-art Royal Arena with more than 10, 000 expected to be in attendance, making the Blast Pro Series the largest esports tournament ever inside Denmark.

    Unibet’s involvementUnibet has been increasingly attempting to improve its esports offer, much like many traditional bookmakers.

    The site is offering new customers €30 worth of esports free bets this week after their first deposit. Unibet will also live stream the entire function inside its platform.

    Unibet generally sticks to the biggest esports in the world, like CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and StarCraft 2.

    Traditional books in esportsUnibet and other traditional books are competing against a number of esportsbooks that specialize in the market.

    Many of them have struggled to find their way to profitability. It still hasn’t stopped books from trying to make in-roads in the space, of course.

    The one known exception on a profitable esports offer has been Pinnacle, which recently revamped its “esports hub. ”

    Betway is a sponsor of NiP, Cheap CSGO Skins,which is in the Blast Series event.

    SkyBet and Bet365 also have esports betting sections.

    Sponsoring events and teams is certainly a way to make in-roads in terms of familiarity and visibility within the esports community.

    Whether sponsorships like this one from Unibet is really a one-off or part of an increasingly dedicated push to attract esports bettors remains to be seen.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    In the end, pajama ninja 3-2 passed the FaZe clan

    Pyjama ninja won the 2017 Auckland IEM in 2017 after completing 3-2 with the fazawa clan. This is the second game that NiP has won this year, and has generally been weak for a year after the "fantastic valencia" of 2017. This is the second time NiP offers won IEM Auckland. Last year, swedes passed SK Gaming by a 2-1 margin. CSGO Skins.They met the same team this year and won the same in the semifinals.

    For Faze Clan, this is the third IEM final this year, following the loss to Astralis and Sydney. The team that made the IEM final in the same year was the largest, losing most of the finals in the same year.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    So the Semi Finals are finally done, and once again Ninjas in Pyjamas have reached the Finals of an event. Will they prevail here, to show the actual CS: GO universe once and for all that they are as much a force to be reckoned with as they have been in the past? Or will they go down in red ruin before the implacable, lethal skills of the almost-invincible FaZe Clan? Let’s see whether they have a chance of winning the particular Finals of Intel Extreme Masters.

    Incredible plays in the Semi Finals.

    SK Gaming and Ninjas within Pyjamas played some incredible matches in the Semi finals. CSGO Skins.The first map, Overpass, was dominated by Ninjas in Pyjamas. They gave SK Video gaming only 9 rounds as they crushed them. SK Gaming, however , made a comeback in Cache, and defeated Ninjas inside Pyjamas, giving them only eight rounds. Inferno became the decider, and it was intensely contested. Both teams were just about equal in the first half, but the second 1 / 2 was completely dominated by the Ninjas. Ninjas in Pyjamas defeated the champions associated with EPICENTER 2017, which is why we’re seeing typically the NiPs in the Extrême of Intel Extreme Masters today.

    The Ninjas don’t faze FaZe Clan at Intel Extreme Experts.

    The run-up to the Semi Final had been another dominating win by FaZe Clan, as they crushed Cloud9 as they have crushed many hopeful groups in many events before this. FaZe didn’t give Cloud9 a chance to breathe, allowing all of them just four units in the first map, and decisively crushing them in the second one. Cloud9 simply didn’t have a chance.

    But the Ninjas have been training in their dark temple – could FaZe compete with that?

    It depends. The Intel Extreme Masters Grand Finals between Ninjas in Pyjamas as well as FaZe Clan will be a best of five series. SK Gaming conquered FaZe Clan throughout EPICENTER 2017 quite decisively, but the same SK Gaming have now lost to Go. This gives NiP a chance against FaZe.

    Both these teams have fought in eleven matches against each other as of August of this year. Out of those, FaZe have lost just two times to NiP. However , ten of those fits were online complements, and only one match was a LAN match up, which was won by Ninjas in Pyjamas. This changes the odds massively. NiP do have a chance of winning the Intel Severe Masters.

    Let go through these teams’ best LAN maps. CSGO Ak47 Skins.FaZe Clan’s most successful LAN map is Cache with a one hundred percent win-rate, followed by Dolore and Mirage. Ninjas in Pyjamas are really good in Nuke, Cache and Train. Both teams are the same in Overpass, with excellent win-rates. Puppy nip have an additional advantage in Cobblestone, as FaZe have never been able to win Cobblestone in LAN suits, while Ninjas with Pyjamas have both experience and a better win-rate in playing this map.

    It looks good for Ninjas in Pyjamas. Bet on them, on odds that are running in 1 . 25. Those are reasonable chances for a fairly sure return.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    The company initially revised matchmaking factors last year in what it called Prime Matchmaking, which matched players who had linked a unique phone number to their Steam account. Later on, Valve also added that players must reach a certain in-game level to get into Prime Matchmaking. Unfortunately, the results of this feature created, in Valve’s words, a “hard boundary… and gamers who might otherwise be perfectly happy playing together were separated. ”

    “So, what if the Prime system was re-imagined using a wider range of factors? ”CSGO Skins.Valve explains. “We started with that question, and have been experimenting with matching players using observed behaviors and attributes of their Steam account, including the overall amount of time they had spent playing CS: PROCEED, how frequently they were reported for cheating, time spent playing other games on their Steam accounts, etc . ”

    According to Valve, the new system is working: “In matches created using Trust Factor, most players ended up generating fewer reports regardless of their Prime status. ”

    Matchmaking experience is a subtle but important part to any esports title’s design. Casual gamers can be impacted tremendously by the kinds of participants they find themselves playing with and against. Too many bad experiences and many players will just leave the game’s scene altogether.

    There’s lots of strategies that game developers use to limit bad behavior, called “toxicity. ” Some, like Riot Games, monitor chat usage and respond almost immediately to any abuse. Others like Blizzard use features that severely limit how players can interact—in Hearthstone, for example , you can only communicate using one of six pre-determined messages like “Thanks, ” “Wow, ” and “Oops. ”

    Valve is in a unique position here to try to prevent bad matchmaking experiences.Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins. By leveraging the company’s Vapor store—the largest English PC gaming platform—Valve can access additional metrics that may reveal more about a player than just in-game reports. It also makes a certain degree of sense: somebody that just invested the last six months raging at people while playing Dota 2 will likely enter CS: GO with similar bad habits.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    GODSENT declared CS: the composition of GO. According to the group's official website, Andreas znajder Linberg left the team and Dennis Dennis Edman is on the move.

    They will be temporarily replaced by Jacob pyth Moruyarvi and Hampus Poser.

    "We talked to andreas, csgo4skin,and we knew he wanted to try something new in his career. Andreas has been working on GODSENT, and now this is the best solution for both sides. From the day he joined the team, he was a valuable member of the team, and we wish him well in the future. "The team's director, Casper Hvydt, commented.

    Lynberg has been in favor of GODSENT since April 2016. He won a small team at the European championships - inAtlanta in 2017, with a 3-4 spot in DreamHack's master malmo, the DreamHack summer 2016 DreamHack in 2016

    Edelman spent three months GODSENT. CSGO Skins.Thanks to a partial godsend Dennis has won the Swedish qualification WESG 2017

    The CS composed of GODSENT: in GO:

    - Simon twist Elliason

    - jokin-disco doplan Gidetun

    -- Frederick Fred diebuo

    - Jacob pyth Moruyarvi

    - Hampus Hampus bossel.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    GODSENT declared CS: the composition of GO. According to the group's official website, Andreas znajder Linberg left the team and Dennis Dennis Edman is on the move.

    They will be temporarily replaced by Jacob pyth Moruyarvi and Hampus Poser.

    "We talked to andreas, csgo4skin,and we knew he wanted to try something new in his career. Andreas has been working on GODSENT, and now this is the best solution for both sides. From the day he joined the team, he was a valuable member of the team, and we wish him well in the future. "The team's director, Casper Hvydt, commented.

    Lynberg has been in favor of GODSENT since April 2016. He won a small team at the European championships - inAtlanta in 2017, with a 3-4 spot in DreamHack's master malmo, the DreamHack summer 2016 DreamHack in 2016

    Edelman spent three months GODSENT. CSGO Skins.Thanks to a partial godsend Dennis has won the Swedish qualification WESG 2017

    The CS composed of GODSENT: in GO:

    - Simon twist Elliason

    - jokin-disco doplan Gidetun

    -- Frederick Fred diebuo

    - Jacob pyth Moruyarvi

    - Hampus Hampus bossel.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    With the help of the so-called "trust factor", developers have tweaked the countermeasure of the "anti-terrorist elite: global offensive". It looks like the general steam behavior in the future.

    A little contradictory,csgo4skin, the back of the new concept Bridges CS: GO. On the one hand, the trust factor is a more trusting environment, and the valve is not fully associated with it, and what is the detail behind it.

    But in a blog post summarizes the developers at least roughly, what the prime minister players to bring the latest updates, mainly before the player's ranking changes and the given phone number with similar compounds, the trust factor factors, larger Arsenal,

    For example , the behavior of the average player is now important: how much time does this person spend on CS: GO, the length of time15411 does she invest in other steam games? Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins.How often does this person cheat? Valve does not want to divulge an exact list of factors so that people will not be disturbed. And because the developers here are working on this living thing, it's going to change.

    The rule of thumb should be: to be a fair player - whether in CS: GO or anywhere - then you will be at your best. The new Trust system also benefits from the same factors as the old Prime system: its own player class and registered phone number still help to create the best connection.

  • CS: GO | steel from Immortals to Team LiquidDateWed Nov 15, 2017 10:05 pm
    Blog post by alina17705

    Brazilian player Lucas "steel" lopes has been transferred to the team's liquid, which should replace Peter "stannis" Jarguz, which is scheduled to be booked, the company announced on Monday.

    Team Liquid confirmed in a statement that steel participation would not be temporary and that players must be permanent members of the Team. With this,csgo4skin, the players added coach wilton "zews" prado, also Brazilian, who moved the comments:

    Steel is the most professional player I know. Your positive attitude and ability are fully in line with our needs and we tend to be excited about the future.

    Too happy to have fluid leguinha! This will bring every race and claw in Brazil, and I hope everyone will continue to cheer for us!

    Fairies posted a statement on the transfer social network in the hope that players would be lucky in their new home.

    "After careful consideration, we announced the transfer of metal to Team Fluid. He and TL have a great opportunity and we hope that all the luck in the world will strengthen his new team. Steel is a perfect profession and we will always see him as part of the IMT family. "

    The Brazilian team's appearance on the new team will take place on Tuesday,csgoskins,when the team will compete in the IEM Auckland team. Interestingly, Immortals are excluded from the competition due to visa issues.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    Oficjalne Valve zakończyło działanie Operacji Hydra. Co więcej wprowadziło pewną zmianę w systemie matchmaking!

    Valve kończąc działanie Operacji Hydra, nie usunęło wszystkich systemów rozgrywek, csgo4skin,które niosła za sobą ta operacja. Pozostawili takie tryby jak Wingman oraz Flying Scoutsman. Pojawiło się kilka zmian w rozstawieniu map w menu. Wprowadzona została również nowa udoskonalona, jak twierdzą twórcy CS: GO, metoda doboru graczy w systemie matchmaking.


    zamknięto Operację Hydra.


    dodano Wingman oraz Flying Scoutsman do aktywnych trybów gry,

    wprowadzono zmiany w trybie “Skrzydłowy”,

    Dodano oddzielne rangi dla trybu Skrzydłowy, dla lepszego wyszukiwania gier,

    dodano możliwość doboru map,

    dodano pokoje “Pobliskich graczy” watts systemie “Skrzydłowy”,

    przeniesiono wyścig zbrojeń oraz rozbiórki do Gier Wojennych,

    od teraz gry wojenne posiadają maksymalnie 12 graczy,

    niewielka zmiana n hitbox głowy modeli Leet Crew.


    zaktualizowano mapy t systemie turniejowym, od teraz dostępnie mapy to: Mirage, Cache, Inferno, Overpass, Cobblestone, Train, Nuke, Dust II, Canals, Office i Agency.

    zaktualizowano mapy dostępne m trybie uproszczonym oraz dodano do puli Dust2

    Delta Delta Defusal (Mirage, Austria, Inferno, Shipped, Cache)

    Defusal Group Sigma (Cobblestone, Train, Overpass, Nuke, Canals)

    zakładnicy (Agency,buy csgoskins, Insertion, Workplace, Italy, Assault)


    system matchmaking od teraz będzie domyślnie używał współczynnika zaufania (Trust Factor). Stary system – Prime nadal będzie można używać, jednak tylko przez ograniczony czas”

  • Smooya to take a break from competitive CS: GODateSun Nov 12, 2017 9:51 pm
    Blog post by alina17705

    Owen "smooya" Butterfield, a British professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, has elected to sit out the remainder of his contract with Epsilon.

    The decision will see him sit out the majority of 2018, as his agreement expires in December next year. Having previously competed with Belgian esports organization Epsilon—smooya was benched on Sept. 20, after the organization opted to recruit a fully-Swedish roster.CSGO AWP Skins. But while smooya is currently on the bench with little chance of competing again, Epsilon still retain the 18-year-old via contract—a contract with a $100, 000 buyout, according to smooya.

    The sum is one that few professional organizations competing outside the very top of the CS: GO circuit can afford, and smooya's options have, as a result, been dwindling since being benched. "I am done wasting my time, " smooya told HLTV on Nov. 7.

    Smooya has since elaborated on his current situation on Twitter, and explains that his buyout is set at three times the value of his actual contract.

    "I know I am responsible for signing a contract but I was a 17 yo kid who was grinding to become pro for over 2 years, so once the chance arose of course signed. Of course I didn't realize I would get benched 3 months in for no reason at all. Hopefully something good comes from this. Thank you. "

    Epsilon gave an update on the situation, saying that it encouraged the player to join other rosters as part of a loan. It also denies the price of smooya's buyout, and claims that no other teams have approached him with a realistic buying price.

    Competing on a semi-professional level, smooya's apparent $100, 000 buyout showcases just how much the monetary side of CS: GO has been inflated. Just two years ago, French superstar Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom had been cited as having the largest buyout in the game's history—at $162, 000.

    Steep buyouts for players have almost become par for the course in CS: GO.CSGO M4A4 Skins. Organizations have attempted to retain talent through massive buyout clauses, aimed at either dissuading potential buyers from approaching specific players, or as a means of recuperating any potential losses or investment the organization has put into the player.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    It takes eight days for the valve to make it almost impossible. CS publisher: GO released an update today, which can significantly fix the audio problem!

    From now on, we won't find HRTF from the audio output Settings in the game. Combined with the newly added sound scattering system (occlusion), csgo4skin,it is classified as "advanced 3D audio processing". Valve also has a command to adjust the volume of players. In addition , some changes and corrections have been made to dust 2 . Here is the complete list of changes:

    Dust [II]

    The brightness of all materials and Kasbah (sand) models increased by 20% to improve its visibility,

    Repair some of the fabric edges missing from the tarp.

    A fixed flash will not allow the rider to cross the mesh fence.

    Fixed the edges around the window, causing errors in the projection,

    Fixed the popularity associated with wooden doors,

    Mechanique Generale(? )


    Fixed the glow at the entrance of the CT bacteria,

    The smooth stone edge is set to "medium"

    Fixed a few buried models,

    Fix loading screen text,

    The texture on bomb B has been modified to allow players to see players' feet.


    Improved audio Settings to unify the actual player's experience. CSGO M4A4 Skins.HRTF replacement and sound dispersion (occlusion) option "3D audio processing" to help achieve compatibility with gamers who have trouble setting up sound on audio devices,

    Adding the voice_player_volume command allows you to adjust the volume the individual gamer breaks down.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    JasonR's wallpaper drawings have already shocked us. Although Valve's physical condition in Cache is over, JasonR will still be shooting at any time.

    Developers have theoretically improved the inaccurate falon lens of the Cache, but in the live broadcast of JasonR, they can still be shot out of the terror lineup.Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins. JasonR stands in perfect position, touching the edge of the shutter door and pulling the trigger at 1: 49. Steel goes out on the other side and there's an entrance! Work and use it while working.

    Of course , this is an effective stance, even when it's all over, even when it can time to pull the actual trigger. However , the trick now is a quick reaction, so it's a thousand times more rough!

    Teammates knew they were trying to get someone to vent, JasonR turned around and shot twice.

    First of all, the particular shooting may be hidden in the top of the air duct. Then he pulled down the crossbow and let the fellow go to sleep. After passing the information, professor JasonR calculated the condition of the item in about 0. one seconds.

  • CSGO’s Best AWPer Today? Weigh the Top CandidatesDateWed Nov 08, 2017 9:58 pm
    Blog post by alina17705

    The AWPer has always been legendary in CS: GO, because of how difficult the role is to ‘carry’ or to execute consistently.

    Nevertheless, a competent AWPer can certainly skew the odds for their team, so good AWPers are very sought after.

    The best teams today are Cloud9, SK Gaming, FaZe Clan, Astralis and G2 Esports. So let’s take a look at these to see if we can find the best AWPer today.

    GuardiaN – A Legendary Killing Machine

    Ladislav Kovács, or GuardiaN, joined FaZe Clan fairly recently. GuardiaN certainly lays claim to being one of the deadliest AWPers of all time, and perhaps one of the deadliest CS: GO players.

    He has played 1005 matches in his career, though only 72 of those were with FaZe.CSGO M4A4 Skins. He has played 26, 236 total rounds and died 16, 383 times. His death-rate is 62% and survival-rate is just 38%.

    GuardiaN has 20, 262 kills to date, 11, 407 of those being with Sniper rifles, which is 56. 3% of the total. He has also taken 2, 637 eliminates with the AK47, 993 with the HKP2000 and 967 kills with the P250.

    He has killed an entire team entirely on his own 24 times, and has taken quad kills 228 occasions, as well as 1, 262 triple kills.

    If GuardiaN takes the first kill, his team then go on to win the round 76. 7% of the time. His chances of taking the first kill tend to be 13. 9%.

    KennyS – The Dedicated AWPer

    Kenny Schrub is well known as kennyS in the CS: GO universe. He is a part of G2 Esports and one of the most dedicated snipers of all time.

    KennyS offers participated in 1147 matches, of which 409 were as part of the G2 Esports squad. They have played 30, 001 rounds and died a total 18, 743 times, this gives him a death-rate of 62% and survive-rate of 38%.

    Their has 23, 543 kills on his name and 11936 gets rid of are taken with sniper rifles, Buy All CSGO Skins,which is 50. 7% of the kills. He is also quite efficient using the AK47 with 2834 kills and USP Silencer with 1006 kills.

    He taken down all the members from the team 31 periods, and has 279 quad kills, and a TERRIFYING 1373 triple wipes out.

    Whenever kennyS takes first kill his team has won 77% of the time. He's a 12. 4% chance to take that first kill.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    Gamers at the EU Minor in Bucharest are reporting that there is no internet at the venue, preventing them from practicing.

    The EU Minor, hosted by PGL, CSGO AWP Skins,will take place from November 2nd-5th and feature eight teams fighting for two spots in the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 Main Qualifier which will take place in January.

    The Valve sponsored Majors are the most important tournaments in the CS: GO calendar and every team will be looking to bring their best at the Minor in order to get one step closer to Boston.

    Unfortunately, it appears that players are unable to get their practice in with less than 24 hours to go before the matches begin.

    GODSENT’s Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman took to Twitter on November 1st to ask PGL for an update on “internet issues”, claiming that he and his team “really really want to practice”.

    This Tweet comes just hours after EnVy’s Cédric ‘RpK’ Guipouy tweeted a picture of one of the practice rooms, CSGO M4A4 Skins,remarking at how good they are.

    There has so far been no response or statement from PGL regarding dennis’ complaint.

    The EU Small will feature a $50, 000 prize pool with 2 GSL style groups, with best-of-three matches within the elimination and decider matches, leading into a single elimination bracket.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    Sam “DaZeD” Marine has decided to step back from competitive CS: GO, just three months right after being unbanned by tournament organizers ESL and DreamHack.

    Astonished muddled; perplexed; bewildered; blank; CSGO AWP Skins,confused was one of four players on the former iBUYPOWER roster who were banned for matchfixing in 2015.

    Bewildered; blank; confused is leaving Gx, his North American ESEA Premier team. The player cited the lost skill in the two years since he last competed, and a lack of drive to practice and compete. He’ll be replaced on the roster through Shawn “witmer” Taylor–a player that Amazed[a]: vacant; astonished; muddled; perplexed; bewildered; blank; confused called “the gatekeeper of Premier” because of his impressive performances in the semi-pro league.

    “I think [Gx will] be better off without me, ” the former in-game leader said in a YouTube video. “My heart was never really in [competing]. ”

    Gx’s roster for the remainder of season 26 of the Mountain Dew League now consists of witmer, Braxton “swag” Pierce, Kevin “AZK” Lariviere, Michael “dapr” Gulino, and Matt “Pollo” Wilson. Swag as well as AZK are the last two former iBP players on the Gx roster, after AZK quit competitive Overwatch to join this team under DaZeD’s leadership. Gx currently sits in fifth place in the 23-team League.

    Josh “steel” Nissan, another of his previous iBP teammates,Buy Cheap CSGO Skins, had little sympathy for his former teammate. Steel accused Muddled; perplexed; bewildered; blank; confused of trying to "coast by" and cash in on the skill associated with his teammates.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    On October 23 - on November 3, e-sports own brand alliance tournament Legend Series CS: GO in Tiongkok (Chinese name CS: GO Legend Series) the official start of the registration, the registration website ls. The allied - esports. Cn/csgo, e-sports designed for elite players this is the connections, a global event, national championship will also with North America, the European championship team together to be born in the United States global finals tickets, worldwide competition awards totaling $200000.

    The global positioning of its own events to enhance the international influence of local e-sports brands

    From the beginning of the company, contrat atletico has already taken globalization as the company's development philosophy. From the layout of global stadiums to the creation of self-owned branded occasions to the global distribution of event programmes, each business segment is based on the local and global view.

    Legend Series, a self-owned brand event owned by the league, is scheduled to open upon November 4, 2016, with Legend Collection CS: GO The far east. Legend Series CS: GO China competition has been authorized by the perfect world, as well as the north American and European competition zones have also obtained the authorization of Valve respectively.

    E-sports CEO Feng Qing alliance, says ms through holding for amateur players of high quality third-party activities, e-sports created for them to participate in the professional league tournament the opportunities and to the possibility of a career path. Union e-sports is innovative to open online team, contestants who offline dual channel, through offline training camp promote personal ability, and solve the individual players team problem, dispel their worries, built the humanized service system.

    Will China championship contest in e-sports league's sanlitun e-sports pavilion, the net full of fish, at the same time will also be broadcast live by mainstream live platform, let love CS: GO fans at the scene and screen together to witness the actual glory of the top notch players. Winning the particular Legend Series CS: the team that won the China shining, will GO to the Esports Arena st. Anna in North America as well as compete for the world championship with Western and north American champion teams.

    The global operation of the electric competitors is also effective in the e-sports arena. Currently, e-sports Beijing, shenzhen, the European Union, North America, Santa ana pavilion has been in operation, the future will also be expensive in China and taiwan, and North America in Oakland, Seattle, Las Vegas, continue to layout e-sports venues, professional for the globalization of tournament to provide adequate security.

    Focus on elite gamers to give ordinary people the opportunity to go professional

    This year on September 15, represented by perfect world of CS: PROCEED start the demo, CS: GO official league system is forming, will also be the CS: GO elite participants provide a path to a career path.

    The Chinese champions, runners-up, third runners-up, and the air force will be awarded 50, 000, 30, 000, 15, 000 and also 10, 000 RMB respectively, with a international award of $200, 000.

    CS: MOVE outside is subject to the start of operation within 2012, with extremely high popularity of people. For domestic members, it is rare to have a chance to participate in the global competition with foreign players shortly after typically the national test.

    According to the latest statistics associated with gamma data, the total number of users regarding e-sports in Cina will reach 220 million in 2017, and it is expected to reach 280 million by 2018. As the core factor of promoting the development of e-sports industry chain, the importance of often the tournament, no doubt, but I'm on the market at present the mainstream of the tournament, the most expert tournament with scale is mainly aimed at specialist player.

    In complicité e-sports CEO ms Feng Qing view, e-sports league career is important, but to promote the further development of e-sports in domestic, for the mass base of the largest common elite players open tournament e-sports market, more conducive to active to increase the exact heft of e-sports, solid foundation of the progress e-sports players. The Legend Series CS: GO is specifically designed for this group, so that the e-sports stars who are on the international stage are no longer the patent of professionals. Legend Sequence CS: GO China based online stores, Europe and The united states, and through the masses of the most popular elite group of players, China's e-sports culture will be transmitted to the world.

    Enrich the content of electricity competition to improve the very e-sports ecology

    India association of av and digital publishing games committee issued the 2016 China and tiawan e-sports industry report pointed out that domestic influential events in 2016, a total of 94 tournament MOBA class participation and attention greatly ahead of other types of events.

    Whether it is the main TI of DOTA2, the S series of the league involving heroes, the LPL or KPL from the king's glory, most of the high attention in the current electricity competition is the MOBA category. However the whole e-sports business sustainable development point of view, this phenomenon is not good for e-sports ecological virtuous circle, CS: GO and watch the pioneer FPS type heat tournament, will be conducive to reverse the situation.

    Previously, the actual league had won an exclusive license from blizzard to host the particular open championship game against non-professional competitors, and the second season is underway. Story Series CS: GET China event held, will further enrich the content of the competition, China e-sports online players and fans to provide more variety of choices, also will further build better e-sports ecology.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    The next Dusta2 Valve patch returns to play sound. The new sound system is being tested. By default, it will be disabled and anyone can test it.

    A new sound scattering system (occlusion) is added. CSGO AWP Skins.The brand new model is more realistic to recreate the sound of various materials on the way to the player. Instead of simply adjusting the volume of sound, different materials distort sounds differently. In the end, all users will enable this option by default. At this point in the test, we have to use the snd_occlusion 1 command to enable it,

    Some errors were corrected, some of which were played twice in observer mode.


    To improve the performance of medium and low grade computers,

    Remove Windows as well as awnings to improve visibility,

    The awning of the door is moved to a convenient shortcut,

    The slot is located in the crate from the lower tunnel.

    Improve visibility from the short elimination window,

    From A to remove cereal bags,

    From Longa to remove awning,

    Repair grenades and stone collision,

    Restoring the space for the resurgence of counter-terrorism weapons,

    Moving Windows and sinks from the CT slopes,

    Right after the middle of the barrel,

    Several Windows have been enhanced to enhance presence,

    Reduce the noise and also contrast of some textures and improve visibility.

    Garbage is confirmed in front of the tunnel,

    Set the car's "surface property" value to "metal vehicle"

    Raise alcohol awareness,

    Opened the door within the living room,

    Tunnel correction wall to improve rankings,

    Improve the visibility associated with platform B,

    The contrast of a few curtains in B increases,

    On platform B,buy csgoskins, the player may lock,

    Fixed radar is better built on B,

    Fixed shift next to the pita,

    Some roofs are added to the boom landscape.

    The HTTP log delivery includes a new "x-server-instance-token" header containing the unique Server ID, Token, and local IP.

  • Blog post by alina17705

    It’s an arbitrary milestone, but an impressive one all the same. For the first time, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has broken 2 million concurrent players, according to the most recent data from SteamDB.

    PUBG has been flirting with that mark for a while now, PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS skins,but finally passed it thanks to a continued surge of players from Asia, which accounts for much of the meteoric growth of the game the past few months. PUBG has actually seen a dip in US-based players for instance recently, but that’s been offset by enormous gains in places like China and Korea.

    Many will accuse PUBG of inflating its growth because of bot/farming accounts through Asia specifically, however Bluehole has been continuously updating the game to eliminate things like AFK farming, and the growth is definitely due to more than bots alone.

    Asia is the magic ingredient to take a game from a hit to something absolutely massive, which we’ve seen in the past for PC games likeLeague of Legends and Overewatch, which have amassed substantial playerbases in the region.

    Hitting the 2 million concurrent mark puts PUBG far above what I believe is every other all-time high on Steam, though that’s probably been the case for some time. Other big Steam hits, Valve natives likeDota 2 and CS: GO, peaked at 1 . 3 million as well as 630K respectively. For reference, even a new AAA release such as Shadow of War only has about 50K concurrent gamers on Steam right now. At least on Steam, PUBGis totally in a league of its own, and has been for some time now.

    There are still more dragons to slay. PUBG creator Brendan Greene has previously said that he wants 100 million monthly participants like League of Legends, which in the past has said it’s had as many as 5 mil concurrents at any given time, a 150% jump coming from where PUBGis now, despite its success. Those are Riot’s internal numbers not tracked by external sources, but even if they’re close to accurate, PUBG can still climb higher.

    We are about to see an enormous Battle Royale genre gold rush like we have seen with Hero Shooters, Buy pubg skins,MOBAs and also MMOs before it. Fortnite, which directly copied the mode and put it into their game (much to the dismay of Bluehole) has hit 10 million players, mostly thanks to the addition of Fight Royale. Expect many, many more games to follow, either existing titles putting the setting in, or brand new ones springing up to try and do PUBG better than PUBG.

    two million players. It’s a hell of a thing. I would not be surprised to see 2 thousand more, at this rate.

  • PlayerUnknown Explains PUBG 1 ) 0 DelaysDateSun Oct 29, 2017 11:54 pm
    Blog post by alina17705

    A few days ago all of us reported that you would be able to test out vaulting and climbing within the test servers with regard to PUBG next week. The actual breakdown of the forthcoming changes included things, but a recent tweet exchange has provided us a bit more understanding on the 1 . zero delays.

    The discussion started when Lirik, a Twitch terme conseillé, voiced his disappointment with PUBG. He or she called it "stale and boring" as well as went as far as in order to call it "DayZ all over again",Pubg items, that refers to the usual number of events that finishes with a highly well-known game not getting dev support for its numerous issues despite the higher sales.

    He continued to explain that the motor update created a couple of new bugs as well as issues, delaying the actual push to live machines for testing. They still says - 0 is coming "later this year" although, so hopefully, PlayerUnknown and PUBG Corp will be able to iron out your problems sooner rather than later.

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