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    Ultrafine Mill are mainly used to grind all kinds of minerals in the industries of ore beneficiation, building material and chemical engineering and the energy consumption of ball mill is very high. It’s reported that the industrial enterprises consume 70% of the whole society’s energy which causes much pressure to the social resources. Therefore, it’s very necessary for manufacturers to put the energy conservation and emission reduction into practice.

    Data shows that ball mills used in the mining machinery industry consume 40%-50% of the power needed in the production process; ball mills applied in the cement industry cost 70% of the total power. Among the total national power, ball mills all over the country will take up 2%. This results in serious energy and material consumption. As China gets short of quality coal and minerals, materials with poor quality are put to use in the industrial production, thus decreasing the crushing efficiency of ball mills.
    Through continuous technical and product innovation, our company researches and develops an entire series of high efficient ball mills based on the principles of material science, material testing, failure analysis, tribology, systematic engineering, surface engineering, industrial design and mechanical principle. Compared with the traditional one, new ball mill can save electricity as much as 30%-40%, increase 5%-30% of the production and reduce 50% of the consumption of wear resistance castings.
    There are different steel balls with different specifications installed inside the cavity of the energy saving ball mills. Materials are crushed by the driving force transformed from the gravitational potential energy, and then crashed other materials through the scale board, thus realizing the multiple crushing effect, saving electric energy and completing the whole crushing process quickly and effectively.
    China has been the second country that consumes the most resources and energy in the world. To push the national economic structure adjustment and change the economic growth, China starts to stick to the policy of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection, so it’s true that ball mills are going on the way of energy saving and emission reduction.

  • Never be afraid of mass-production of concreteDateSun Nov 12, 2017 10:38 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    The cement production equipment produced by enterprise mostly consists of Ore Milling Equipment and cement rotary kiln, that are required tools for large-scale cement manufacturing line, mainly made use of for high-volume production of cement, concrete along with other making materials.

    Concrete can be a standard phrase of composite materials; it may possibly make rubber aggregate together with binding materials. The widespread concrete helps make cement as binding materials and helps make sand and stone as aggregate, we will get cement concrete by matching with a certain percentage of water and dealing with stirring, molding, conservation.Concrete has abundant raw supplies, minimal costs and easy production approach, therefore it's rising huge application quantity. Meanwhile, concrete also features a large compressive strength, good sturdiness and broad selection of intensity level. These traits make it broadly employed, not only within a assortment of civil engineering, but additionally in shipbuilding sector, mechanical business, marine development, geothermal engineering, and so forth.Cement, lime, gypsum and various inorganic cementitious supplies mixing with water helps make concrete mixture with plasticity, therefore generates power right after setting and hardening under chemical and physical effects. Normally, drinking water can meet the specifications from the concrete mixing water. Extra quantity of acid, alkali, salt and natural substances in water will produce dangerous results around the concrete. Aggregate not merely plays the filling part, and has a significant impact on the volume-weight, density, power and deformation of concrete. In accord to binding materials, concrete might be divided to the following sorts: one. Inorganic cementitious materials concrete: this kind of as concrete, plaster, concrete, silicate concrete, sodium silicate concrete; two. Natural binder concrete: asphalt concrete, polymer concrete.

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    ’s equipment for the mining industry includes thermal processing, filtration, separation, Construction Waste Crusher , and grinding, screening and crushing systems. It has over 20 years' experience and therefore possesses an extensive portfolio of renowned brand of in China.
    We are the world's leading supplier of ball mills. The experience gained from installation and operation of these mills has enabled us to offer some of the largest and most efficient grinding mills worldwide. The current mills are designed for applications such as primary, secondary, regrind, fine and ultra-fine grinding and lime slaking. The ball mill has proven to be a versatile tool that exhibits many advantages over traditional ball milling. It offers higher energy efficiency, which results in lower operating costs.

    The primary gyratory crushers of our company are suited to high-capacity primary crushing applications, while the new series of cone crushers are the preferred secondary and tertiary crushers for the mining market. Feeding, conveying, loading, unloading, stockpiling or reclaiming; whatever your needs are, our company has the bulk materials handling solution to meet your goal.
    With a full line of mining screens for both wet and dry applications, as well as screening media for optimum end-product quality, we provide numerous vibrating equipment brands that the industry has grown to respect and trust. In terms of volume, size reduction is the largest single process operation in minerals processing. Our array of comminution equipment optimizes circuit efficiency to ensure a smooth beneficiation process.
    At the forefront of separation technology, we also offer solutions to all beneficiation and upgrading applications, including classification, agitation, flotation, magnetic separation, sedimentation, filtration, dewatering and drying.

  • Application and Attributes with the Trommel ScreenDateWed Nov 08, 2017 10:33 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Apart from your Ultrafine Mill , our business has manufactured many other screens inside the mining sector just like the trommel display. The trommel screen is made up of electrical motor, reducer, trommel device, main frame, sealing cap, feeding and discharging ports.
    First, let’s learn about the wide range of application of our trommel screens. They are mainly used by the quarry to separate big and small stones or to separate dirt and stone powder. Our trommel display can also be used to separate sand and stones. Inside the coal mining business, the screen is applied to separate coal bulks from coal powder as well as to wash coal. Within the chemical engineering business and ore beneficiation sector, the trommel display is used to separate bulk materials with different sizes and power materials.

    Then, we should know the special capabilities of our trommel screens:
    1.Adopting the principle of rolling transportation; small friction coefficient; little abrasion; the mesh is not easy to be blocked.
    2.The idler adopts overall axle construction which can work steadily with no vibration and little noise.
    3.The accessories of the internal display cloth have separated design with simple structure and it’s convenient for replacement and maintenance.
    4.The roller body adopts effective fully sealed structure which produces no dust and no pollution.
    5.It works safely and reliably by using reduction drive with high transmission efficiency, low power, low energy consumption and obvious energy saving effect.
    6.Customers can decide for themselves what materials and size of the screen cloth to use. This helps increase the screening efficiency and service life and decrease maintenance costs.

  • Pebble crusherDateMon Nov 06, 2017 3:06 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    In recent years, the rapid development of the highway construction project has become an important part of the infrastructure, long-term planning data show that aggregate consumption per kilometer highway 5-6 million tons, greatly promoted China's economic development of sand industry, machine factory brings new hope and growth space for highway broken stones.

    With the specifications of every kind of stone road, the stone of different grain type, diameter, gradation, production of raw materials for road stone is divided into granite, marble, limestone and other raw materials, different properties are not the same, with the Construction Waste Crusher type is also different. The most commonly used processing plant is when the production of 200 tons of gravel crusher, then when the production of 200 tons of highway gravel crusher how much money? Here's an introduction to the analysis.

    When producing 200 tons of stone crusher road has many kinds, jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, impact crusher etc. it can satisfy the requirements of production and manufacturing cost of these types of devices are different, the performance characteristics are different, the price will naturally have a certain difference, relatively speaking, the crusher price more high technology content will be higher, such as hydraulic cone crusher, then according to the actual needs of customers to choose.

    Domestic manufacturers in the production of stone crusher provide more equipment is beyond count, the general strength of a superb collection of beautiful things, large equipment manufacturers to provide quality more reliable, the price will be cheaper; the small factory production capacity and technical strength is limited, the quality of equipment is not certain standards, customer service can not be guaranteed, the price is not transparent, the overall price may be low, therefore, suggest that investors choose the best manufacturer of the equipment.

  • Preparation of jaw crusher before startingDateFri Nov 03, 2017 10:53 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Preparation before starting: before the Construction Waste Crusher starts, the equipment must be fully examined. In the process of operation, but also often pay attention to the lump ore crusher is stuck to the mine mouth, if it has been stuck, to use the hook to flip the ore; if the lump ore to be removed from the crusher, should adopt special instruments, prohibit the use of hands to do the work, in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

    In the operation of the machine, hematite ore dressing process, if the ore is too much or broken cavity blockage, should be suspended to the ore, to be broken cavity after the ore broken open after the ore feeder. At the same time, to prevent non broken material into the crushing chamber to mine. Therefore, the crusher foundation must be separated from the building foundation. Because of the quality of crusher, bad working conditions, and the machine in operation and produce great inertia force, cause the foundation and machine vibration. First of all, the ore must be stopped first, and then the crusher and the belt conveyor should be stopped after all the ores in the broken chamber are discharged. But the crusher is not allowed to stop running at this time. At the same time, in order to reduce vibration, rubber or wood is placed between the crusher base and the frame as a cushion.

    If the crusher stops suddenly for some reason, before the accident is finished and the machine is ready to start, it must be clear that the retained ore in the broken chamber can be allowed to run. In the operation, also should be regular inspection tour, the observation of crusher jaw broken parts work and bearing temperature, the bearing temperature of large jaw crusher is usually not more than 60 degrees, to prevent the melting of the alloy bearing sandstone equipment bearing burning accident; when the bearing temperature is very high, do not immediately stop running, should promptly take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the bearing (such as increasing the amount of oil to the water cooling or forced ventilation, etc.), the bearing temperature dropped, then stop, check and troubleshooting. Rod mill, vibrating screen, milling equipment.

    Start the crusher, should first start the pump motor and cooling system, after 3~4min, when the oil pressure and oil flow indicator is normal, and then turn on the jaw crusher motor; start later, if the crusher issued abnormal sound, should stop running, find and eliminate the cause, starting from the new crushing machine; the machine must be no-load start, start after a period of time, may be used to mine equipment normal operation.

  • How to choose the most suitable graphite flour millDateFri Nov 03, 2017 2:32 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    The most common graphite in marble, gneiss, schist or carbonaceous material, is of organic origin and metamorphic, low hardness, can be processed by Ultrafine Mill special graphite, the graphite powder is applied to the related field. Graphite can be used as refractory material, conductive material, wear and lubrication materials, can also be used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial sectors, because of the effects of graphite range is very wide, so in the field of mineral processing, has always been the hot favourite, in the Heilongjiang area, because the graphite rich resources, known as the capital of graphite.

    Generally, graphite powder is used most in 200 mesh and 300 mesh, so how to choose the most suitable graphite grinding machine? The red star is specialized in the production of graphite mill experience analysis, there are so many milling equipment currently on the market, with Raymond mill, high pressure grinding, grinding powder, if just from the point of view of fineness, Raymond mill and high pressure mill can, graphite powder can be processed 100-325 range of Raymond Mill, high pressure pulverizer is Raymond the relative wear upgrade in yield stability than Raymond mill.

    Under the same conditions, choose the most appropriate? The price of high pressure mill compared to Raymond Mill slightly higher, while the yield on the high point, the key is to look at the maintenance behind equipment, a high pressure spring 1500kg, high grinding in the accessories in the life is to be longer than Raymond mill. So the choice of high pressure mill is called graphite powder processing is preferred.

    Let us look at the largest graphite processing mill on the market at present, the fineness of 200 mesh to put on, using the YGM160 high pressure mill machining of the graphite powder, the yield can reach 16 tons to 20 tons an hour, 2-screening rate reached more than 98%; if the use of YGM130 high pressure mill, processing 200 graphite powder production can reach 10 tons per hour to 12 tons, the two types of graphite milling machine is the best equipment for processing graphite powder at present.

  • Development trend of construction waste crusherDateWed Nov 01, 2017 10:54 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    At this stage, when we deal with construction waste, mainly in recycling treatment of construction waste, in the road base, foundation filler application, and its production of concrete brick and concrete block. Therefore, we need to introduce more effective Construction Waste Crusher and apply it effectively.

    The current screening machine, has the ability of handling crusher, heavy equipment, but because the overall size is large, it is difficult to integrate into a single platform, the basic requirements of mobile crusher is also very difficult to meet. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the equipment with light weight and small size to ensure more convenient and flexible disposal of construction waste.

    In dealing with construction waste, because of the noise, the environment is bad, there are a lot of powder layer appeared in the air, and equipment at high speed will threaten the safety of workers. In dealing with construction waste, as much as possible to reduce the participation of workers, so as to enhance the automation of equipment, which will become an important equipment to deal with construction waste.

    In order to better recovery of construction waste, we will be more stringent requirements for recycling technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a construction waste disposal equipment more suitable, have the ability, in addition to sieve broken construction waste, to ensure better able to deal with these recycled aggregate, and then improve the mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete.

  • Solutions to the problems of cement mill reducerDateThu Oct 26, 2017 5:03 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    The speed reducer is the heart part of ultrafine mill , damaged reducer will cause shutdown system of cement mill, so the failure of reducer used in the process, must carefully analyze the reasons, to take corresponding measures to ensure the reducer expected life.

    First, reducer vibration. The vibration reducer too big to bearing and gear tooth failure, the production losses, must pay attention to the causes of vibration are: 1, the installation adjustment does not meet the requirements of the motor and the speed reducer into the shaft, the motor and the roller axis is not parallel. 2, the hydraulic coupling and universal coupling dynamic balance precision is low. 3, reducer manufacturing and installation accuracy can not meet the requirements. Treatment measures: installation, adjustment, strict implementation of the request, the use of good performance, good balance, high precision hydraulic coupling and universal coupling, manufacturing, assembly, adjustment and commissioning in the factory, strictly implement the quality control plan.

    Two, reducer oil temperature rise. Reducer oil temperature exceed 75 degrees C alarm control device, if the signal should be shut down, check the reducer oil thermometer and the cooling and lubrication system oil pressure gauge, oil cooler is normal, whether the smooth loop. Cooler temperature difference should be greater than 8 degrees and C reducer load is overloaded, if there is abnormal sound and vibration during operation, the bearing rotation is flexible, the lubrication system is smoothly, if cannot find a reason to notify the manufacturer on-site analysis, until the problem is resolved only after the operation.

    Three, reducer inlet shaft seal leakage. The reducer shaft is two J non skeleton oil seal, in the field of gear reducer not apart from cement mill under the condition of change, should pay attention to oil at the cut on the top and avoid the oil level, between the two compression plate, oil and butter. The reducer shaft into two seal, if the oil spill, it must be in the reducer shaft end cover opened to replace the seal, clean the surface of the shaft and mounting hole mounting, and grease and oil, into the seat hole, should use special tools into the oil seal, distortions, such as non special the tool is installed, the pressing force should be exerted on the seal on the periphery, after the installation of oil seal should be concentric and axes at right angles.

  • Structure and application of stone crusherDateWed Oct 25, 2017 2:31 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Chemical, building materials, highway construction and many other industries are inseparable from the gravel machine manufacturers, which is essential equipment in these industries. Although there are many different types of this device, it is almost similar in structure and application. Next, the double gold machine will introduce its structure and application range.

    First of all, how about the classification of this kind of equipment?. The most common on the market are Gold Ore Crusher , impact crusher and single-stage hammer crusher, cone crusher and so on. These different types jointly achieved the remarkable development of the crusher.

    From a professional point of view, the structure of the grinder is cumbersome. These include the rack, the eccentric shaft and the large pulley, the elbow plate and the rear seat, the reset spring and the fixed jaw plate and so on. In addition, there are moving jaw and flywheel, which are an important part of them. Each of the different parts of the structure has different functions. For example, the role of elbow plate is mainly to play an insurance purpose. In the process of running, the crusher is squeezed by the cooperation of the parts, so as to achieve the effect of crushing. Although the structure seems simple, but there are some differences, because of the actual structural design differences, divided into many different types, can be different types of in-depth understanding of its structure.

    Generally speaking, the application of stone crusher mainly lies in the breaking of some soft and hard materials or the hard materials and the adjustment of the shape. So in ore, cement, even glass raw materials and refractories, and so on, are very suitable equipment. But for some hard or wearable materials, it is generally possible to increase production and efficiency through such equipment. In the field of mechanical engineering, this is one of the ideal production equipment such as machine-made sand and asphalt concrete. For a wide range of applications, not only can ensure the crushing effect, but also to ensure its quality.

    The application scope and structure of the stone crusher are these. In this design, the performance increase gradually, so as to effectively expand the scope of application of mechanical equipment, which will be the biggest performance play out, lay the foundation for the work efficiency of many industries. It's enough to see that this type of device has a certain advantage both in performance and structure.

  • Sand making machine is essentialDateTue Oct 24, 2017 3:12 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    sand making machine is the crystallization of our company experts developed sand equipment wisdom and correct decision-making, is a kind of high energy low sand making machine with the international advanced level, its performance plays an irreplaceable role in all kinds of ores and fine crushing equipment, is currently the most effective, practical and reliable stone machine.

    Past road construction to today's highway construction, traffic building roads are moving towards a new step forward, China's highway construction development is wildly beating gongs and drums for the highway construction, line selection of sand production line production of stone is a very key factor, only qualified sand making equipment production a stone to make more to ensure the quality of highway construction.

    In the sand making machine, relatively more use of the equipment are sand making equipment, its main process is through the feeding machine, jaw crusher, crushing respectively (sand making machine, crusher sand making machine) of various specifications of stones required through the vibrating screen, big rocks after the high sand making machine is obtained after the needs of your finished stone, whether in the sand production line or stone production line, our aim is to ensure that the counter type sand making machine, the Hubei type sand making machine can continue normal operation, in order to prolong the service life of the sand making machine, we are in the process of using certain to conduct periodic maintenance on the counter attack type sand making machine, which is the indispensable process.

    Sand making machine in production line can be according to different production process requirements. The types of sand making machines and the types of sand making machines are different. Some of the stone production line using a broken molding, and some of the two broken molding. The sand making machines used in these two processes are different.

  • Counterattack crusherDateSun Oct 22, 2017 11:29 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Recently, the mining machinery market suddenly has a device quietly popular, it is Construction Waste Crusher . The fundamental reason for its popularity is that journalists should take us to the details.

    It adopts the latest manufacturing technology, using heavy plate hammer rotor design, unique locking system, lining board can replace the unique structural design, finished processing a cube, no tension and crack, outstanding performance, grain shape is quite good, all the broken feed size is less than 500mm, 350MPa compressive strength is not more than the coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) are widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries.

    New type of crusher to provide a low cost solution, the unit operation cost is low, the use of materials in a wide range of output size can be adjusted, broken by the market on the diversification of specifications, so many customers Repeng, dubbed the new mining machinery industry "red net".

    Impact crusher mainly consists of counterattack plate, plate hammer, roller, roller supporting bearing, compression and adjustment device and its driving device and other parts. Back breaking as the "net red", looks glamorous, in fact at work, don't have a charm. When the impact crusher works, the material block is fed from the feed port, and the feeding block falls on the grate screen. The small material block falls into the lower part of the shell through the grate, and the large piece of material slides along the sieve surface to the rotor. A plate hammer with a certain height is fixed on the circumference of the rotor, and the rotor is driven by the V belt belt at high speed. Blanking block in the above by the high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer impact, obtains kinetic energy at high speed to the back plate collision, and then from the back plate to bounce back, and the same is the rotor throw material collide in the broken zone. The space composed of a bar screen, a rotor, a counter plate and a chain curtain is called the first impact zone; the space composed of the counter plate and the rotor is the second impact zone. The material in the first impact zone is broken by mutual impact and then enters the second impact zone, and then is subjected to repeated impact crushing. The broken material is discharged through the discharge port at the lower part of the shell.

    Back breaking by unique design, counterattack plate and plate hammer clearance adjustable design, can effectively control the particle size, particle shape, the product of a cube, feed, crushing chamber, to meet the material hardness. Back breaking also simplifies the crushing process, variable multi segment broken into single stage crushing, reduce concentrator equipment cost, subject to a number of ore dressing plant and sand factory of all ages, with high popularity, became the star of the mining machinery industry.

  • How to avoid marketing trap?DateThu Oct 19, 2017 10:25 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Now as the mainstream of the construction industry, mining industry, metallurgy industry, widely used in machinery and equipment of sand crushing very popular than jaw crusher, a kind of special equipment for the industry to complete the coarse, medium and fine materials, between Construction Waste Crusher , most manufacturers on the market and exhaust all the skills using different sales model to sell jaw crusher, but this is some plausible means of marketing, it is often there are some pitfalls, then the problem is how to avoid the trap of marketing? Next, follow Xiao Bian for you to make an analysis, as follows:

    1, look at the price: as a large mechanical equipment, according to common sense, the price is certainly more expensive, given the price of each manufacturer are basically is not much difference, difference is that each manufacturer specified a non preferential policy, while appearing on the market, some of the more outrageous prices, is often some phony attract users, these so-called marketing trap, advise you if you meet such a similar situation must be avoided.

    2, the quality of equipment on the market there are some manufacturers in order to earn more profit shoddy, on the surface with jaw crusher not what good quality difference, but there is some replacement parts, the use of substandard materials to deceive consumers, so consumers purchase jaw crusher must consult someone experienced, check whether the device reaches the national quality inspection standard, to avoid misleading by some manufacturers, do some useless investment.

    First, choose the jaw crusher must follow a principle, that is some formal brand manufacturers will have their own logo, so buy a manufacturer's equipment must be carefully to see some security signs, so as not to be deceived by some manufacturers; then, compared the main point is the purchase of a jaw crusher, choose some type of direct manufacturers, these manufacturers are generally not homegrown, disguised price, and quality is guaranteed, so we choose the jaw crusher to consult these direct manufacturers.

  • How to avoid marketing trap?DateThu Oct 19, 2017 10:25 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Now as the mainstream of the construction industry, mining industry, metallurgy industry, widely used in machinery and equipment of sand crushing very popular than jaw crusher, a kind of special equipment for the industry to complete the coarse, medium and fine materials, between Construction Waste Crusher , most manufacturers on the market and exhaust all the skills using different sales model to sell jaw crusher, but this is some plausible means of marketing, it is often there are some pitfalls, then the problem is how to avoid the trap of marketing? Next, follow Xiao Bian for you to make an analysis, as follows:

    1, look at the price: as a large mechanical equipment, according to common sense, the price is certainly more expensive, given the price of each manufacturer are basically is not much difference, difference is that each manufacturer specified a non preferential policy, while appearing on the market, some of the more outrageous prices, is often some phony attract users, these so-called marketing trap, advise you if you meet such a similar situation must be avoided.

    2, the quality of equipment on the market there are some manufacturers in order to earn more profit shoddy, on the surface with jaw crusher not what good quality difference, but there is some replacement parts, the use of substandard materials to deceive consumers, so consumers purchase jaw crusher must consult someone experienced, check whether the device reaches the national quality inspection standard, to avoid misleading by some manufacturers, do some useless investment.

    First, choose the jaw crusher must follow a principle, that is some formal brand manufacturers will have their own logo, so buy a manufacturer's equipment must be carefully to see some security signs, so as not to be deceived by some manufacturers; then, compared the main point is the purchase of a jaw crusher, choose some type of direct manufacturers, these manufacturers are generally not homegrown, disguised price, and quality is guaranteed, so we choose the jaw crusher to consult these direct manufacturers.

  • Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Construction Waste Crusher is one of our country's environmental protection industry is popular, it is through the introduction of an advanced equipment to the construction waste this solid waste into a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, to achieve recycling, to achieve national green circulation by economic development measures.

    The construction waste recycling equipment is the construction waste disposal equipment special crusher. This equipment before in our country is very rare, because the technology is relatively backward, not up to the level of science and technology, but with the progress of the times, as well as a strong nation, there have been many manufacturers to develop the high-tech equipment, such as China's well-known Italian mining machinery and equipment manufacturers, China engaged in crushing ability for enterprises, in order to diversified development, which will shift the focus of research of construction waste treatment equipment with the development prospects, and after continuous efforts and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, successfully developed to achieve mobile crushing station construction waste recycling, environmental protection will cause in the end.

    The mobile crusher has the advantage of flexibility, a little of its most popular clients is based on the production site of different terrain to move to any desired location, saving material transfer cost, increase production efficiency, save time. It can realize the recycling of 95% of construction waste, effectively solve the environmental pollution of construction waste and affect the residents' living defects. Mobile crushing station is divided into tire crushing station and crawler crushing station, their function is different, adaptability is also quite different. The mobile crushing station appear to save a lot of unnecessary expenses for many small and medium enterprises, a professional mobile crushing station, construction waste and waste has become an easy job to do things, but also provides a strong support for the country's environmental protection policy, mobile crusher with high efficiency, environmental protection, environmental protection industry will become flexible and portable crushing the preferred.

  • Blog post by yoyocrusher

    In this paper, the mechanism of the material crushing is discussed by taking a pair of teeth with the same rotating phase corresponding to the two rolls of the double toothed roller Construction Waste Crusher as an example. Effect of tooth material on the process can be divided into three sections, the first section is on the material of punching tooth tearing broken, in this period, the tooth movement in the bulk material encountered, by staggered tooth tip of the material for the first shock shear, if not crushed bulk materials were analyzed by tearing. The broken material is bitten by the teeth and broken into second sections. If the material has not been crushed, the tooth is forced to slide along the surface of the material, depending on the spiral arrangement of the tooth, and the material is turned over, waiting for the next pair of teeth to continue until the broken material can be bitten.

    After the first stage of crushing, the material has been initially broken to the size of the teeth can be bitten by the roller, but still can not meet the requirements, so entered the second section crushing. In the second section, the material is crushed mainly by the lower edge of the current pair of teeth and the upper edge of the front pair of teeth. The broken segment starts from the bite of the material and stops from the first pair of teeth. Is the tooth inclusive section by the change to the minimum process, this process is broken edge side discharging process, due to the large size of material containing volume became smaller and was forced to squeeze cut broken, broken material is extruded from the tooth side clearance leakage.

    The current start from a pair of tooth occlusal, tooth cross-sectional area gradually increases from the minimum tolerance, second stage crushing material, because before the separation of tooth and large leakage discharge in the discharge process, the material will be individual large size broken rod block, when the tooth movement to a broken bar nearby further, the bulk materials will be placed on the broken rod and roll between breaking, and forced discharge. This is the third piece of crushing.

    Here, a pair of tooth broken end of the trip, each of four pairs of teeth on the ring gear roller, in operation for a week, this process will be the four time, the cycle will give the material a tearing bite into a punching shear extrusion breaking force from a.

  • Blog post by yoyocrusher

    In the sand production of gneiss in order to improve the efficiency, increase the output, we based on the advanced technology, design a energy-efficient gneiss sand production line, which not only flexible operation, and green environmental protection, strong stability, popular in the market, users of all ages, this is we have a comprehensive introduction to the equipment gneiss sand production line.
    Jaw crusher
    In the crushing of gneiss, jaw crusher is the preferred equipment for users, mainly because the equipment has the following advantages:
    1, advanced production technology, increased the crushing chamber of the equipment, improved the crushing efficiency, increased the output.
    2, for vulnerable parts, manufacturers choose more high-quality, compressive raw materials, reduce wear, extend the life of the equipment.
    3, after the broken material is complete, uniform size, and the amount of dust production is very small, so that the production capacity increases, and effectively improve the operating environment.
    Two. Sand making machine
    The sand making machine is the main equipment in the production line of gneiss sand making:
    1, not only can the material broken, but also has a certain shaping function, effectively improve the equipment sand production efficiency.
    2, select small size, light weight, high wear resistance of raw materials, extend the service life of the equipment, reduce the user's production investment.
    3, compact structure, reasonable design, reducing the equipment area, so that users in the operation more flexible and convenient.
    Three. Vibrating feeder
    Vibrating feeder material can be uniformly from the storage silo, timing, quantitative feed device to the subject, effectively solves the problem that the inlet is blocked, thus improving the efficiency of production line equipment, has a good regulating performance, small power consumption, low noise, installation convenient and quick adjustment, is widely applied in the in metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building materials and other industries including.
    Four. Vibrating screen
    Vibrating screen is a kind of complex rotary vibration generated by vibrator excitation, which has good screening effect for broken materials. It has the advantages of high efficiency, light quality, multi-level and so on.
    Five, sand washing machine
    Sand washing machine can effectively remove impurities covered in gravel surface, while destruction of water vapor - coated sand layer, which is not only conducive to dehydration, and played the role of efficient sand washing, can largely meet customer demand, showing the device in operation has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life, large capacity, easy maintenance and wide application range.
    Six, belt conveyor
    Both the connecting effect of belt conveyor in the sand production line, but also to the transportation of materials, the equipment can work independently in a unit is in operation, but also multi machine joint operations, is one of the most important equipment of gneiss sand production line.

  • Analysis of the reason of thin layer of abrasiveDateWed Oct 11, 2017 5:08 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Construction Waste Crusher is currently the most widely used machine, no one. Slag powder production line has now been dominated by standing mill. What are the main reasons for the analysis of the causes of the abrasive layer?

    (1) feeding volume is small. The amount of feed must be adapted to the mill capacity, when the feed volume is lower than the rated output, the material layer will gradually thinner, roller surface and the disc surface direct contact caused by vibration.

    Treatment measures: immediately increase the amount of Construction Waste Crusher , the appropriate reduction in rolling, according to the increase in the thickness of the material layer to grasp the increase in the amount of feed to be stabilized about 50 mm after the material layer to restore the roll.

    (2) When the material hardness is low, fragile good, relatively high roll, even if the thickness of 30 mm ~ 50 mm layer, and instantly there may be pressure, causing vibration.

    Treatment measures: appropriate to reduce the roll, increase the amount of water, according to the increase in the amount of feed.

    And the lack of material to form a thin layer of material, vertical mill feeding too much will cause what happened?

    The reasons for the production of full grinding are: the amount of material is too large, so that the grinding cycle of the load increased; separator speed is too fast, so that the grinding cycle load increased; cycle load, so that the amount of powder produced, The ability to carry gas through the grinding; grinding within the lack of ventilation, the system a lot of air leakage or adjustment inappropriate.

  • Calcite ultrafine millDateMon Oct 09, 2017 8:14 am
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Processing 2,500 mesh calcite powder choose which kind of mill, is a vertical mill or Raymond mill, the need for high fineness and high rate of fine powder, processing different fineness of the stone, you need to choose a different mill equipment. In general, Raymond Mill processing range of 400 or less, the processing of the fineness of the material is relatively low. If you want to process high-fineness of materials, it is necessary to choose ultra-fine grinding machine vertical grinding equipment.


    Ultra-fine milling machine can be the hardness of less than 7 in the processing of ore materials for the finished product fineness is very high equipment, in the present market is a new equipment, because our overall needs are in the corresponding changes, especially The industry for the fineness of the finished product requirements of mineral materials has been significantly changed.


    Construction Waste Crusher in the fineness of the finished product to improve a level, most of the fine powder field of finished product processing powder applications are improved for the powder, which makes ultra-fine milling machine equipment series equipment has become the market frequently used equipment The

    Vertical mill with dynamic and static combination classifier, product fineness can be 325 mesh -2500 head (5μm-40μm) between the regulation. Can be widely used in limestone, calcite, marble, tungsten, kaolin, barite, bentonite, pyrophyllite and other non-metallic mineral products, ultra-fine grinding processing, is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly energy-saving ultra-fine powder processing equipment.

  • Chalk milling machineDateTue Sep 12, 2017 11:49 pm
    Blog post by yoyocrusher

    Chalk, also known as clay powder, white earth, white soil. Cretaceous is a fine sediment of calcium carbonate, which is a variant of calcite. Cretaceous is a kind of limestone, the main component is calcium carbonate, is formed by the accumulation of debris of paleontology. White, soft, widely distributed, used as a whitewash material. What is the chalk chalk machine?

    The use of chalk is very wide, commonly used in rubber industry, paint industry, plastics industry, paper industry, ink industry. How can the chalk high efficiency, high yield into our industrial raw materials needed? Production of mining engineering machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher, vertical mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill, Raymond Mill are very good crushing equipment and milling equipment, in the crushing and milling chalk Have a good application and effect. Professional provision of chalk mineral processing equipment, chalk ore dressing process, chalk mineral processing process, chalk mineral processing equipment price consulting services. And to provide you with the most reasonable program of chalk ore dressing: crusher, Ore Milling Equipment , vibrating screen, transmission equipment and so on.

    The chalk milling machine is mainly composed of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage silo, vibration feeder, micro-grinding host, frequency classifier, double whirlpool collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compressor , Electrical control system components. Chalk after chalk milling machine after processing purposes: can be used for rubber, plastics, paper, paint and ink industries such as filler. Widely used in organic synthesis, metallurgy, glass and asbestos and other production. It can also be used as a medium for industrial waste water, antacids of gastric and duodenal ulcer disease, antidote to acid poisoning, SO2 elimination agent in SO2 exhaust, dairy feed additive and oil blanket The Can also be used as dentifrice, toothpaste and other cosmetics raw materials.

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